Seven Deadly Sins

I’m watching the docuseries on DisneyPlus called Brain Games – and this is a FASCINATING series. I recommend it for all to watch. The show about the seven deadly sins is interesting – and it got me thinking – how many of the deadly sins have I done/associated myself with.

  1. Greed – Definitely this is a sin I have been guilty of. Many times. Am I still greedy? I don’t think so. At least not anymore.
  2. Gluttony – oh yeah! I have overeaten many many MANY times over the years – I have stuffed myself with too many delicacies over the years and my size is proof.
  3. Lust – this is something that does not have to mean anything sexual. You can lust after many things. Material things. Food. And of course people. And I’d be lying if I said I never lusted after anyone or anything!
  4. Pride – yes I am proud. I am proud for what I have accomplished in my life – and I am full of pride for my children. I don’t think pride is that sinful – do you ?
  5. Envy – definitely when I was younger I suffered with severe bouts of jealousy and envy. As I have matured, I have noticed that I am not as jealous or envious of anyone anymore. I think it comes with age.
  6. Sloth – sure I can be lazy some days. It’s okay to be sloth-like some days – sometimes our body and mind need that.
  7. Wrath – sure I have had bad days but would I say that I experienced wrath? Perhaps one or two times a long time ago, when I was still married, but that is way in the past and doesn’t count right?

Of course, when it comes to the deadly sins, they are measured by the extreme. Have you ever committed a deadly sin? It’s okay to admit it.

Photo by Alexander Dummer on

Who wouldn’t want to be a glutton and eat all of this cake!

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