Hidden family gems

With my dad’s passing, my mom has decided to start cleaning stuff out of the apartment. She has always known I was interested in my grandmother’s cookbook and when I saw her yesterday, along with a box of other things, the cookbook was included.

I came home from work and decided to take a look at it as I ate my dinner. Much to my surprise and delight, I noticed that I collect recipes exactly how my grandmother did! Snippets here and there, together with handwritten recipes, recipes cut out of newspapers and presumably some magazines too. My handwriting is also quite similar to hers! I finally felt a connection to someone in my family that I only knew for a short time. Summers were spent at my grandparents’ houses in Quebec, and while I always enjoyed my time there, I never really felt connected to them. Now – with this gem of a book – I finally do!

But to my even greater surprise and absolute amazement was the newspaper articles I found inside! There are articles from before WWII, during WWII and even a picture of Wallis Simpson and the Duke of York (the picture of the Duke was ripped a bit so I have left that one out of here). I wanted to share my findings with everyone! I’m more interested in sharing these because of the dates – not necessarily the recipes (just to be clear haha) but if you are at all interested in the recipes, feel free to use them!

I find all of these very interesting!

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