What are you doing?

A good question to ask these days while we are sitting around dealing with stay at home orders with the inability to do much else but dream the days away.

So what have I been doing? Well I am getting very excited and working hard during my downtime from work with organizing my walk for Mental health. It’s still a go for the end of September and very soon I’ll be able to share the link to the website here!

What else have I been doing? Well I have been planning my 2022 travel! If everything goes as scheduled and the world starts opening up, my birthday next year will be in Turkey! My plans to see Turkey in early 2020 were obviously canceled due to the pandemic. But as soon as my vaccinations are complete, air travel will be booked and I will be going!! March to May 2022 will be a European holiday! And I cannot wait!

What has everyone else been doing? Share your pandemic hobbies with us!

In the meantime, keep on dreaming!

5 thoughts on “What are you doing?

  1. yourtravelrecipes

    I’ve been to Turkey several times as well as I worked at a holiday club there for 7 months in 2003. It’s a magnificent Country, especially Cappadocia. However the current presidency of the Country is so detestable that I believe they do not deserve anymore we spend our holiday money there. The geot out of the Istanbul declaration for the protection of womens’ right recently and their behavior towards the critical war scenario in the middle east is making me almost impossible to have good memories of my many stays. It’s obviously only my opinion since the Country offers a serious range of unparalleled attractions which are worth visiting.

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