“I was always more than a label”

Today has been a day of mixed feelings for me. Stress, excitement, enlightenment and satisfaction. This day has shown me again that not only am I strong but so is my daughter.

Tonight I am sitting in bed, reading The book of Gutsy Women- its a book by Hillary Clinton and her daughter. I have been moved and intrigued by the amazing women they have written about. But by far the most impactful for me has been the passage about Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King Jr.s wife. At the end of the chapter it states,

“Often I an made to sound like an attachment to a vacuum cleaner: the wife Martin, then the widow of Martin, all of which I was proud to be. But I was never just a wife, nor a widow. I was always more than a label.”

What an amazing woman she was, and what a great way to define herself. And I can relate to this – I have lived most of my life as a label but I am so much more than that. And I’m proud of the labels I’ve been but I know I will be more than just that.

Let’s look past people’s labels and see who they really are meant to be seen as. Themselves.

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