Tales of a grocery store clerk

After a bit of a hiatus – Dad’s funeral, computer having to be sent back for repairs – I am back and ready to tell more tales!! I could have done this on my cell phone, but my eyes get very tired and sore looking at the small screen so much.


I have noticed since working at the grocery store that many people pay for their groceries with their credit card. I have never done this and find it distressing, partly because of the bad history I have had with credit cards – I was not financially sound and used credit cards until they were taken from me. To see so many people use them for groceries – and especially the seniors – causes me great concern. Of course, these people most likely have better control with their credit cards than I did. I just never thought that using credit cards for grocery shopping was a good idea.

I have also noticed that many many people have many many cards! Debit cards, credit cards, points cards, business cards, Costco cards – the list goes on and on!! I have maybe 10 different cards, and they are all neatly in my wallet for easy access. There was a lady today who pulled out a fistful of cards just to find her Air Miles card. I nearly had a stroke seeing all those cards – I could not have my purse in such disarray! How many is too many? That’s for another blog, another day!

I have had some lovely people come through in the last few days, and one in particular brightened my day and made me smile the rest of the day at work. He was a sweet old man with a lovely disposition and such a positive attitude. I always tell everyone when I’m done packing their groceries to have a good morning/afternoon/evening – so I said you have a good day today! And he said “I already have, and you have just made it better by being so kind to me today!” Well of course I said thank you and I also assured him that he made my day lovely. He replied with “I always have a good day because I am happy to wake up every single day!” What a lovely thing to wake up and say to yourself.

So tomorrow, when you all wake up, remind yourself that it IS a good day because you are awake and ready to take on the world once more.

Until next week…. (and I am SO happy to be able to type this on a computer once again!)


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