Daily Thought – April 22

It has been a hell of a year already, but sometimes, bad situations bring out the good in people.

The seemingly never ending story of my daughter’s trials and tribulations came escalating to an all time high this past week. Through many tears, laughter and talking, a very wise decision was made and I can say that she and my grandson are safe and sound, thanks to a very loving family member. Her life is definitely making a turn for the better and this very stressed mom/grandma can sleep with ease tonight.

This also means big changes are in store for myself. I will be engaging in a new adventure in just over a month and I am excited and a bit nervous too. But that’s okay – because being nervous means I am being cautious and taking all steps to ensure that this is going to be okay. And it WILL BE!

So my thought today is – never give up on people even when you think they are choosing the wrong path. Sometimes the light goes on and they turn around when they see that the path they had chosen was not a healthy one. Always encourage people and always build their confidence – it’s how we make ourselves and each other stronger.

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Pexels.com

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