Ginger – the cure for all!

I wasn’t really ever a fan of ginger, but when I moved to Prague, I was introduced to ginger tea.

That is – ginger boiled for an hour and then leave to steep, and drink the steeped ginger water. They called it tea. And, with my IBS, it turned out to be one of the things that has actually settled my stomach down.

Now when I’m feeling over stressed, or having a bad stomach day, I have lemon ginger tea (actual tea though – not just steeped ginger!) and it seems to work charms for me.

After a day of sorting through baby clothes and toys, in a damp garage, I felt I was in need of some healing tea. And it has worked! My stomach feels better, and I feel better overall, and warm inside!

Drink your ginger – it does wonders!

Photo by Olga Mironova on

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