Daily Thought – June 9

It seems impossible that I’ve been here for almost a week! I am loving being out west again, and the air is clean, and the views are incredible. But the most important is that I’m here for my kids.

But now I’m searching for employment, and my initial thought is to work from home, but is that really feasible with a 10 month old around? I’m not really sure, so I’ve succumbed to applying at positions that I have held in the past (including a grocery store!). But I am still open to a position that I can do online from home. I have a hard time trying to think of what I could do at home – preparing documents, or proofreading, or something like that.

So my thought for today is – send me good vibes and help me figure out what I can do! Haha – not really (of course you could do this internally for me!). My thought is – try something new and believe you can do it. When we put ourselves out there, we can succeed. We just need to have a positive attitude that we CAN do it!!

Napoleon Hill Quote: “You can do it if you believe you can.”

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