Daily Thought – July 15

I have now been out west for 6 weeks – seems like a lot longer than that! I have been enjoying every minute I have been here! I love being with my grandson every single day and it amazes me at how much he has grown in such a short time.

When I arrived, he was still crawling, and not quite being brave enough to stand up at the couch. In 6 short weeks, he is now walking! Fully on his own – crawling up to a couch, standing up and walking away. And he’s grown quite a few inches as well. He’s such a happy little boy and loves his grandma very much – and she loves him to the moon and back!

My granddaughter arrived in this world shortly before I left Ontario, and she is now almost 2 months old. She is a very sweet little girl and she has grown so much too! I had forgotten just how quickly things progress in babies’ first year. It’s a delight to see them growing up before my eyes – quickly to me, but to the parents not so much. Of course, when I had my kids, it seemed to be forever before they walked, or talked, or fed themselves. It goes so quickly – in the blink of an eye some would say. And those some are right.

Enjoy every single moment of every single day with your family – because in a blink of an eye, the young ones will be old enough to not want to spend every minute with you.

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