Making changes

I am in need of adult time – and that means to me adult time with people who are not my children! I know they are adults, but they are still my kids and always will be – even as adults!

I also miss my alone time – I almost feel lonelier living with my daughter and grandson than I ever did when I actually lived alone. Just to clarify though – I am not lonely. I am not in need of being around people constantly – just maybe once every couple of weeks it would be nice to have someone who is not family to go out with and have a coffee.

I am taking that step slowly now – I have signed up with some writing groups. Something else that has been put on the backburner at the moment is this blog – I miss writing in here but I always seem busy and when I’m finally relaxing in the evening after my grandson goes to bed, I just want to watch TV. Such a bad habit – almost as bad as mindlessly surfing the web or being on Facebook. It’s just excuses – I will make the change and put time in here and on my book.

I have also started looking for a job out here – I need to work. For financial reasons and for that adult time I need! Slowly my life will be back to a regular routine – for now I will continue to watch in wonder and awe at the new things my grandson does every day, and watch my granddaughter get bigger each day.

Life is good and will get better!!

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