45 days and counting…

It’s been 45 days since we saw any rain out here. 45 long hot dry days – the grass no longer looks like grass. It looks like sawdust, and in some places, it reminds me of the desert.

Of course, with all this constant sun and no rain, there are days like today – when it starts heating back up, and I make stupid decisions!

I always take my grandson out for a walk – and if it’s hot we go right after breakfast. Well today for some odd reason I decided to wait until after lunch to go. About 25 minutes into the walk, I started feel ill. I am prone to getting heat exhaustion and so I try to avoid going out in the afternoons. The light wind by my place deceived me and I thought I’d be okay. I was very happy to get home, as was my grandson who ended up taking a nice long nap!

We desperately need rain – the forest fires are getting out of control and there is now a water ban. The forecast is calling for a bit of rain on Saturday, and possibly 3 days of rain late next week – but no weather forecast can be accurate for a week ahead of time! I am crossing my fingers and toes for rain – it will bring so much relief to so many here. And I will walk in the rain – I don’t care! I may even dance in the rain if the mood strikes me!

Photo by Sam Willis on Pexels.com

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