Ten years from now..

Ten years from now, where will you be?

Well, I will be 66 years young in ten years, and I hope that I have some sort of retirement planned by then. The way it’s going, that probably isn’t likely to happen. But that’s okay because I will be happy with whatever I’m doing!

In my future dreams, I will be retired in Costa Rica, or perhaps New Zealand (that is my number one bucket list item – retirement in New Zealand!).

In ten years, I will be a published author of at least two books (one is in the works now and I have another one planned and thought of – but I want the first one done before I even think of the second!).

In ten years, my grandchildren will be 10 and 11 – that’s a scary thought. The scarier thought is that my children will be approaching 39 and 40. Yes that’s scarier to think of then even my own age!

In ten years, I will have travelled to Africa, back to South America, to Turkey, and back to Europe to see things I missed the first time.

In ten years, I may even have my travel cafe opened – another long standing bucket list item for me.

Where will you be in ten years?

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New Zealand

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