Tonight is me time

I am sitting on my couch, listening to my washer, I’ve turned off the TV and did some deep breathing before I turned on my computer for a bit.

My daughter has some friends visiting for the next week and she is off to spend the night with them, enjoying some company from back home and she’s getting some quiet time away from the baby. I had an amusing afternoon and evening with my very rambunctious one year old grandson – who decided that tonight was the night that he was going to feed himself. That took him about an hour but he managed to eat all his dinner plus more than I expected him to! So that’s a win for grandma AND grandson!

He was a bit of a pain to get to bed tonight – it was a busy day yesterday and then today was a bit stressful because of mom going out and staying out for the night. I didn’t really think he’d get that but he was definitely missing his mom tonight. I did manage to get him settled down though, and now I’m enjoying MY me time.

For someone like me who relishes her alone time, I don’t get much of that anymore. This is the first time in a while living with someone – I miss living on my own. But I know this is not a forever situation and that I will be on my own again. For now I am enjoying my grandson time.

But tonight – tonight is my quiet time. My time to sit back and have a cup of tea and get out a magazine to read it cover to cover. Meditate a bit. Do some more deep breathing exercises. And then go to bed early. Early for me is 11.00 or 11.30 – but I plan on going to bed before that tonight. He is an early riser and I need to be ready for that.

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