Unintentional eavesdropping

Have you ever been on public transit or in a restaurant, casually sitting there, and all of a sudden you overhear a very interesting conversation around you and you stop to listen?

Being someone who goes to restaurants alone and also takes transit often, this happens more than you can imagine! Yesterday, I overheard a business deal going on in a restaurant, which I found intriguing but at the same time wondered if they realized that they were talking very loud and others could hear them discussing this deal. I would not have chosen a restaurant to discuss the deal they were talking about!

Or being on a bus or the metro and hearing someone on their cell phone talking about their shenanigans from the night before. Unfortunately these days you hear this sort off thing much too often. Do people really have no filters anymore? Is it really necessary to discuss your sex life on a bus with so many people around? Is it the shock value of it, or just no one caring anymore? Perhaps my age is showing – but I do NOT want to hear these kinds of conversations anywhere. It is inappropriate and incredibly personal – talk to your friends in person about this stuff. Not on a bus.

I don’t intentionally eavesdrop but it’s very difficult not to eavesdrop when people are talking right beside you. I find it disturbing and hardly ever talk on my phone when I’m on transit and never in a restaurant! It’s not the time or place.

Some days I wish we could go back to the days of no cell phones. Maybe we should learn to put our phones down and actually talk to a person in front of you. It’s not necessary to constantly be on your phone.

I am old. I have just realized that. The next thing I’ll be saying is turn down your music it’s too loud! This old(ish) lady is going to go and read now.

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