I miss Prague every single day. It still seems surreal to me that I left there 5 years ago, and yet I can recall every single place I saw and loved readily in my mind. Charles Bridge, the Castle, Divoka Sarka – three of my favourite places.

But there was always the enjoyment of walking through old and new town, watching the tourists walk by and inhaling all the delicious smells of Prague. Especially the sausages and the trdelnik.

Trdelnik was readily available in many places throughout Prague (and presumably the rest of Czech Republic). Here in Canada, you can now find it as well but they call them Chimney Cakes – I’m not sure why but it bothers me that they don’t call them trdelnik. Silly of me I know.

I was at one of the bigger malls in BC the other day and as I walked around a corner, I saw this store/cafe that I knew I had to go in and check out!

Yes it was a place called The Praguery and I was interested to see if in fact it just sold trdelnik or other Czech delights. Sadly no chlebicky to be found but of course they had trdelnik! I was a bit shocked at the prices but at least now I know there is a place I can go here to try them if I’m in the need of a memory of Prague!

The Traditional Czech Treat Known As Chlebíčky | Tres Bohemes
Chlebicky – a delightful start to the day

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