Daily thought – September 5

Day trips are fun to take, especially when you are in a new part of the city or country. Since I have only been out on the west coast for a few months, I have yet to travel outside of the general area that I am in.

But I have been doing research of heading over to the island for a night – hopefully in the next couple of weeks. Definitely before the end of the year! And the best part is – I just found out that I can get there using transit and it will only cost (for the transit and ferry) $22 Canadian! That’s definitely worth it to go for an overnight visit. I am excited to know that it’s not too expensive and it will be a new adventure!

When I was in the Czech Republic, one of my favourite things to do was to hop on the train on a Sunday and head to a different town to explore. It was very cheap to do this and I was able to see so much more than just Prague.

What do you do for day trips? Do you hop in your car and head to a nature trail for a hike? Do you board a train and go somewhere new? It’s all so exciting to explore your area – there’s always something new to see!

BC Ferries says record passenger numbers led to double profits in first  quarter - Vancouver Is Awesome

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