Sunday Dinner

Did you grow up with a traditional Sunday dinner? Was it roast beef ? A roasted chicken? Or maybe it was something like lasagna or another sort of pasta dish?

I remember loving Sunday dinners. My mom always made us a dinner that consisted of some sort of meat (roast beef or chicken) with mashed potatoes and gravy, carrots and always dessert. Our family was big on desserts! I have had many cookbooks of just desserts over the years. I love dessert!

Back to dinners. When I met my ex father in law, I was told that he made amazing roast beef dinners, as well as his famous Yorkshire pudding. I would sit and watch him masterfully make these amazingly high and fluffy puddings, and the gravy to put on the beef and the pudding. I wish I had asked him for his recipe for them (I know one of the secrets is to always use the same baking pan and only use it for the Yorkshire pudding).

I really have no traditions with my children for dinners – it’s mostly been casual dinners over the years. But now that I have grandchildren living near me, I’d love to start traditions with them. Something to remember me by – that and making the best chocolate chip cookies!

What traditions do you have, or you remember? I sadly think that traditions are being put aside as the world becomes more electronic. I would love to start the tradition of putting cell phones away and sitting at a table and having a chat without the distractions that surround our daily lives.

PERFECT Yorkshire Pudding - The Daring Gourmet
not my father in law’s, but this looks delicious!

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