The Meat Chronicles

It has been almost a month since I started working at a local grocery store in their meat department, and it’s been exhausting, overwhelming, and an overall great experience so far!

I was hesitant about taking a job in the meat department, since I never had any experience doing a job like this. But I jumped in with both feet and accepted this new challenge.

I have discovered that I am a lot stronger physically than I thought! And still very patient – dealing with a person who talks to down to everyone training me has been a strain on my patience, but thankfully for the masks, she cannot tell that I am actually cursing her under my breath (haha).

But all in all, I am working in a great department with some great fellow employees. They have been great in helping me learn all the cuts of meat (seriously I had no idea how many different roasts and steaks there are – who knew there were 100 of them – okay so perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration – but there’s so many!). And the company is fantastic – I am anxiously waiting for my first three months are up so I can take advantage of the benefits and finally get myself a new pair of glasses.

My days are looking up!

Photo by Mark Stebnicki on

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