The Meat Chronicles

Training continues, my shifts are all 8 hours, and I’m exhausted. Mentally and physically.

I knew working in the meat department was going to be a physical job – I’m lugging meat around so of course it is! I really didn’t think of just how physical. My arms are getting stronger and I’m feeling stronger, but this job is taking a toll on my hip. I’m waiting for a sole insert for my shoe to give me more support. I truly hope it works because I really need this job. After 3 months my benefits start so then I can see a doctor and get something to help.

As for the training and the mental exhaustion – my 56 year old brain is having a hard time remembering all these cuts of beef. I’ve got the pork figures out, but for the life of me I just can’t wrap my head around the beef. I know prime rib. I know the ground beef. Why are there so many cuts of beef to make roasts?? It’s wearing me out and by the end of the day, my brain is done.

But I am a fighter and will conquer this! I do love the interaction with customers- I’d rather be a cashier but my hours would not be consistent and right now I need consistency for my daughter to be able to work too.

The cost of beef is outrageous and we have roasts on sale 2 for 1, so we are selling a ton of roasts. One lady complained of the size and cost of them, and i explained about the sale. She couldn’t grasp the meaning of the sale at all. She wanted the big roast cut in half so it would be cheaper. I showed her smaller cuts that were cheaper but no that didn’t make sense. She wanted the $80 roast cut in half so it would only cost $40 after the discount. I said okay but she could get 2 already at that price and could have 2 meals from it without having the butcher have to cut the big one for her. She disagreed with my thinking so I had the butcher cut it. She left pleased with herself, and the butcher agreed with me that it didn’t make much sense, despite assuring her that it all came from one big cut of beef. Oh well the customer always gets what they want!

Tell next time – enjoy your day!

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