Two weeks

Two weeks doesn’t sound like it’s too long, so what can you do in two weeks?

Two weeks – you can start an online course.

Two weeks – you can meet someone and start a relationship.

Two weeks – you can start a job and get trained.

Two weeks – you can shut down your computer while very sleepy and then get so busy that when you finally do go back on, it’s dead and needs to be charged right away.

Yes – that last one has happened to me. I don’t like to post my blog from my phone but I have been so busy with my new job that when I get home, all my energy goes into taking care of my grandson, eating dinner, and falling asleep on the couch once he’s asleep. But my energy seems to be getting back to normal – I guess my body is getting used to waking up at 5am to go to work. Never in my life did I think that would happen again. It was tough to do in my 40’s – it’s even tougher at my age!

And yes, I’ve also done the third note. I have been trained and am now working without that woman hanging over my shoulder discouraging me at every moment. I even have started to recognize most of the cuts of beef too. Which is definitely helping me be quicker in my job.

But is this a lifetime job for me? No. I want something more, but until that opportunity arises, I will continue doing this job as I require money to live on – as we all do!

Two weeks has brought a lot of changes and most of them have been good. I don’t regret taking the job, and I certainly don’t regret leaving my computer to completely die on me! First world problems right?

So life continues – I have taken this evening to read some blogs instead of watching TV – it’s been a nice break. I need to turn the TV off more and get on my computer and write. It’s just a habit that needs to stick for me.

I hope tomorrow brings a day full of hope and love to you all, and the beginning of a great two week span for everyone.

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