Dreams – do they mean anything?

I have always been one who was interested in the meaning of dreams. As a teenager, I had dreams that continued on the next night, sometimes for several nights in a row. As I grew older and life became more stressful, I had very strange dreams and some that were enlightening as well.

While the dreams have always interested me, they also concern me. Sometimes, like last night, I have dreams that involve friends and strange circumstances. Last night’s woke me up and had me awake for at least an hour, hoping for the safety of a former friend, because the dream concerned them.

I know a lot of people who have questioned my interest in dreams but I do find it fascinating that our minds can put together stories for us to look back on. Sometimes even give us a glimpse of a possible future. But it doesn’t matter what people think of my wanting to interpret dreams, it is something I’ve done for a long time and will continue to do!

So while my concern over this friend made me lose some sleep, it will not deter me from continuing on my quest to interpret my dreams for the better. Perhaps it was a wake up call for me to get in touch with this person. That will be something I will debate over the next few days.

What do you think of interpreting dreams? Is it a waste of time or is it interesting to you?

Photo by Dapo Abideen on Pexels.com

6 thoughts on “Dreams – do they mean anything?

  1. megHan

    I find it interesting and have found a couple of dream “dictionaries” that have made deciphering them easier (not sure easier is the word I’m looking for). I’ve always had some strange ones and know that most of the time it’s just my subconscious trying to figure things out, but the paths it uses to get me there are always intriguing.

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      1. megHan

        It is. But not always very specific. I used to have a recurring scene in my dreams. Crows by a pool. Body of water. Okay. But never specifically crows or black birds. And the different birds they did list all meant something different. I should look into that again, see if I can find anything more about it.

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