Project GROW

It’s been a pretty rough week – I’ve had more downs than ups. Work is just work – I get no enjoyment from this job, except for a steady pay cheque. My family seems to be on the verge of being torn apart by poor life decisions, and until today, I felt like I was on the verge of a meltdown. But between talking things out with someone at work, expressing how I’m feeling to family members, and meeting two young ladies tonight after work, I realized I was losing focus on what I feel is important in my life.

What’s important is family of course, but also what I dream of doing — it keeps me sane thinking of my future. Working in a meat department is NOT my future by any stretch! I want to empower women of all ages that they are worthy and can do anything. And I met two young ladies at our store today that reminded me of just that.

I did not get their names but they were lovely to talk to. They are students at University of British Columbia and are involved with Project GROW.

Project GROW is a a non-profit society enabling rural women of Ghana to choose their way to a healthy community. These young ladies spoke passionately about the cause and how, when they are able, they will be travelling to Ghana as part of their University course to take part in helping the women. The remarkable part of Project GROW is that the women of rural Ghana make the choice of what help they want. It’s not simply a group going over and saying this is what you need. They decide what they need. I am very excited to see this project happening, especially because the women get to choose. Isn’t that the best thing – to be able to say this is what I need help with – not ” here we are doing this for you.” I truly hope that this project continues to grow and helps and empowers many women in Ghana, and beyond.

So while I may wallow in my own sorrow at the moment, I will also remember to GROW. To be a better person. To appreciate the amazing life I’ve been given living in Canada with everything I need. I tell myself it’s okay to be sad every now and then, but I also tell myself to stop and appreciate what I have.

Let’s all GROW together.

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