How to cope with rude behaviour

I am in another learning process these days – trying to cope with the rude behaviour that is displayed to me on a daily basis.

At work – the rudeness of one of the men I work with. I dread seeing the schedule and knowing that he is going to be working with me. He is also in training but he constantly talks down to me or completely ignores me. He also feels it’s his job to boss me around – which it is most definitely NOT! He calls me “boss” which I cannot stand. I asked him to stop, and he didn’t. I spoke with my supervisor who in turn spoke with him, and he hasn’t stopped. My decision for the year – just to ignore him and not bother to talk to him at all. So far it’s working, but it’s only the 4th of January. I have 4 days in a row coming up and I know he’ll be in – so the test will be in full force then. We shall see! I have also spoken with my HR manager about the possibility of changing departments and it doesn’t look like that will happen, so I need to suck it up until I can find another job or stick it out here until I decide where I want to be in six months – right now not in Canada!

At home – my daughter has this uncanny way of pissing me off every single day. She makes comments about how her son likes to come to me more (maybe because I’m not sitting on my phone all day…. maybe if she put the damned thing down when he’s up, he’d want to play with her more). She complains all the time about some sort of ailment she has, and when I have a legitimate complaint of being in pain – visibly limping after work – her’s all of a sudden gets worse and there’s no way I could understand how much pain she is in. And in the evening, when my grandson is in bed, she wants to watch TV and she generally chooses the shows and then proceeds, again, to sit on her phone watching TikTok videos and every now and then looking up at the TV. I am very tempted to just cancel the cable and stick with NetFlix – and then I won’t be tempted or disappointed not to be able to watch what I want without the major drama and sighs about her not getting her way. She’s 30 years old and acts about 16. Very frustrating!

So my solution for my daughter – I simply go into my room and go on my computer, or listen to music on my phone with my headset in. Blocking everything out actually relaxes me and listening to music always makes me feel better. I have been doing this now for about a month and my stress level is coming down at home. It does not excuse her from her behaviour, but I also blame myself for this behaviour as I hadn’t said anything until recently. I need to speak up more at home.

When I’m out shopping and I come across rude people – I simply walk away, and the beauty of the masks is you can swear underneath your breath and no one knows whose saying what! Masks are great for keeping your face warm during the winter too.

I am also taking the time to meditate in the evenings, and working on my deep breathing. All of this is starting to help bring down my stress level. I’m worried about my health and I am taking proactive measures to eat better, react better and just be.

How do you deal with rude behaviour?

4 thoughts on “How to cope with rude behaviour

  1. beth

    it’s really hard when I encounter it and sounds like you’re working on your response to rudeness instead of trying to change the other person, that’s a good beginning

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