Give it time…

and things will work out.

It’s true – sometimes you just need to step back, look at the big picture, and things will work themselves out.

Yesterday afternoon, my grandson got sick. Fever, throwing up, and it was weird because before his afternoon nap, he was fine. Running around and playing and chattering away with his gibberish – but then he woke up crying and came over to me on the couch, laid down with me, and proceeded to throw up all over me. Yeah that’s what grandma is for – not! Anyway – he was lethargic, feverish, and not himself. Gave him some water, and he seemed to perk up a bit. But then after dinner and a bath, put him into his crib, and was sick again. And this time the fever spiked up. My daughter did not panic but quickly got him dressed, got herself dressed, and they proceeded to the hospital. They spent about 7 hours there – poor little guy had an IV, blood work, chest xray and a Covid test done. He’s all clear – seems like he picked up a stomach bug from somewhere.

What does this have to do with working something out?? Well, my daughter seemed to have a light bulb moment during this minor crisis and her attitude changed quickly with me during this. The rudeness disappeared, and today – she even apologized for how rude she’s been lately. And she sat down, without a phone in hand, and watched a show I wanted to watch tonight and we actually had a conversation too! Small steps are good steps!

I also found out on my last shift that my benefits aren’t as clear cut as I thought they were. So I have made a decision – I have started applying for other jobs. Jobs that are clearly stating what the benefits are and when they would start. I’ve also looked into getting my own benefits to just have some. Monthly costs aren’t so bad so that may be the way to go. I don’t like my job anyway – so if I could find something else and pay for my own benefits, I’ll be doing that.

My head is clear, my will is strong, and I know that things are going to work themselves out and soon.

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