Start Where You Are

I was cleaning/tidying up my closet today (I am seriously getting bored being home so much – as much as I hate the actual job, I miss going to work – can’t believe I am saying that!) and I came across a journal I bought almost a year ago. It’s called “Start Where You Are” and it says it’s a journal for self-exploration.

I really like this journal and can’t believe I haven’t looked at it since I got here back in June. I’ve read back some of the things I wrote in it back in March and they still ring true. But I have many pages I need to fill in, so I’m excited that I’ve pulled it out and going to start working on it again.

The title says it all – start where you are. There’s no use beating yourself up for not doing something in the past – today is a new day and you can start from here. I miss writing but it’s not that I can’t do it now. I can and I will. 2022 is going to be my year – nothing is going to make it bad. I have my health (yes I am feeling much better today!), my kids, my grandkids, and I still have the desire to do so many things.

The author of this book is Meera Lee Patel and she has some very sage advice at the bottom of the introduction page:

“The best advice is to keep going. The process of self discovery is just as important as any realizations that are waiting for you…. Take your time. Use what you have. Start where you are.”

I am starting here. Are you ?

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