We all have secrets. We can say we don’t, but secretly we all do.

I have secrets that are shared with a friend from a long time ago. We are still friends but not as close as we used to be. But I know, as she does too, that our secrets will go with us to our graves. I know I can trust her never to say anything, and she knows I can be trusted.

What is it about secrets? Why do we have them? Are they so sinister that we are afraid to tell people? Or is it because you did something really stupid in your youth (hand up here!) that you don’t want anyone to ever know you did? I am guilty of that – I am SO happy that I grew up in the age of NO social media. The only social media was gossip and I did not gossip about the stupid things I did!

Is it okay to have secrets from our significant others? What about secrets that you keep from your family? Is it really necessary for anyone to know your secret? Unless it is going to affect them personally, I see no reason to tell a secret. That’s the whole point – it’s a secret. No one needs to know about it.

My friend and I have a phrase that we can say to each other and right away, we both remember that secret. “Can you whistle” is all I need to say to her!

I guess my main question is – when is it okay to tell a secret? It can only be your own secret though – because telling someone else’s secret is wrong – that just makes you a gossip!

So keep that secret – let it be a memory you can look back on and maybe secretly relish that it was a lot of fun and you’re glad you have that little secret for only yourself to remember.

1 thought on “Secrets

  1. Guess who!

    I have secrets from 20+ years ago that I still relish as one of the greatest periods of my life. I look back and say to myself, “Did that actually happen??? Did we really do that?” And all because of a shared love of archery and archery clubs.

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