Thought for January 30

First of all, how is it possible that it’s the end of January already?

So today I went out shopping to pick up baking supplies so that I can practice some new techniques just in case I get a call.

I had to ask for assistance to find a couple of items. The clerk was useless in the kitchen department. I asked him very nicely if he could find out if they had the item. He rolled his eyes and said yeah. I watched him walk around the aisle and come back after looking at nothing to tell me they didn’t have it. I said okay.

I went to another clerk and she found it right away.

Do you notice that clerks are more lazy than usual now? It’s frustrating since it’s their job. But I try not to report the bad behavior because I don’t know what their day has been like.

Take a minute the next time in a local store and say a nice thing to a clerk. It might make them feel better.

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