Olympic fever

I love the Olympics especially the winter olympics. I will watch almost every event (despite being a Canadian, I’m not a fan of Olympic hockey).

I root for everyone. I ooh and aah for everyone no matter what country they’re from.

My favourite event is figure skating. Every discipline shows me amazing athletes. But I was mesmerized this week by the Team Event, and in particular the Russian woman. She was amazing and I don’t think anyone will beat her at the singles event.

I am excited for the next week and a half of sports that aren’t regularly shown throughout the year.

Do you watch the Olympics? What’s your favourite event?

10 thoughts on “Olympic fever

  1. beth

    i love the olympics, too! this year, my co-workers niece is on the women’s hockey team (playing for china), so i’m watching that when i can, and i love curling and figure skating as well. ski jumpers blow my mind –

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  2. charliewatts31

    The Olympics this year were so competitive. i was disappointed that Team GB didn’t get as many medals as we do get in summer games, but the curling was a highlight for me of the games- (probably because only sport we had success in 😦

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