Is that a light in the tunnel?

It appears things may be looking up for me!

I have been looking for a new job now for a couple of months and decided that maybe I’m looking for the wrong job. I decided to look into a job that fits one of my passions – food, and lo and behold I have two interviews set up for this week with catering companies.

I owned my own catering company in Calgary that delved mostly in baked goods but I did do a few parties as well. I felt that it was a success and I enjoyed it so much – which is a success on its own. I don’t view things financially – the fact that I was doing something I loved and making people happy was a success in my eyes.

I haven’t got either job yet but the fact that I’m going in a better direction has lifted my spirits. Perhaps I can quit this awful job I’m at sooner rather than later!

Here’s to good eating and great interviews!

Delicious homemade cream puffs

5 thoughts on “Is that a light in the tunnel?

  1. beth

    yay! so smart to stop and reflect on what you really want to do. i used to work for a caterer for 7 years and it was hard work but i loved it, i can see why you’re drawn to it. best of luck to you!

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