Adventures for the day

I am itching to get traveling again. It won’t happen until the fall, so I decided to head to the Outdoor and Adventure show in downtown Vancouver.

Now I have more destinations added to my bucket list! Costa Rica has been edging its way up on my list and today it’s in the top 5.

Jordan has been put on my top 10 list too, knocking out Argentina. There are so many amazing places in the world and I really want to see them all. Does anyone have any tips on how to travel for free?? Haha

On top of the amazing show I went to, I had the chance to get back to downtown Vancouver. For the most part, it’s just another downtown in a big city. But Vancouver does have the incredible views that never disappoint.

So as my day ends with a po boy at a restaurant by the waterfront, I thought I’d share some photos that hopefully will put a bright spot in your day, like it has mine. Travel on!

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