Challenge yourself

When I turned 50, I was living in Prague. And a month before I turned the big 5-0, I gave myself a challenge to step out of my comfort zone and do 50 things that would challenge me before that milestone birthday.

I believe I completed 30 of the items – I mistakenly asked my young friends (in their 20s) to give me suggestions and some of the things that were suggested were just a little too out there for me! I was proud of myself to have done the things I did do – and thankful that I did them in a country that I couldn’t understand what they were saying about what I was doing! I’m sure I was laughed at but that’s okay when you can’t understand the language haha.

So as I approach my 57th birthday in a couple of weeks, I am going to challenge myself to write a blog every day. This may not sound that challenging, but since I am currently taking care of my grandson full time, it’s sometimes hard to find time to get on the computer – but I will do it. I’m keeping it at one a day for that very reason. If I make more than one, even better!

My next challenge is for my 60th birthday. I have a lot of time between now and then – I have 33 months (and yes I had to get a calculator to figure that out – math is not a strong point of mine). I have time to make a list (which is the first challenge) to come up with 2 different things for each month, starting June of this year. Some of the things I’m planning are trips – local and international – as well as volunteering and other things like that. It’s a big plan and I am up for the challenge!

Do you do things like this? Do you challenge yourself on a daily basis? Do you have suggestions for me for my 60 year goal? Feel free to make suggestions!

3 thoughts on “Challenge yourself

  1. endean0

    It’s an interesting concept as we grow older. I’ll be 62 this year. Things I did as a twenty year old frighten the life out of me now, but back then I thought nothing of them, but I think your sentiments are right, challenge yourself regularly.

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