Hablas espanol?

No, I do not speak Spanish. But thanks to Duolingo, I am learning it now!

I have taken time during nap time and in the evening after baby’s bedtime to learn another language. When I was traveling through Chile in 2017, I caught on to some of the words that were being said to me and since then I’ve wanted to learn Spanish so that I could travel to a Spanish speaking country and be able to understand and speak some of the language to the locals.

One thing I have learned about traveling to other countries is to learn the basics of their language. I did this in Czech Republic and in China. I knew how to say hello, good bye, please and thank in their languages when I arrived. Once I was there, I took some lessons and at the time was able to speak a bit and ask basic questions. I’m sure if I did a refresher course, I’d be able to do this once again.

Experts say that when you are a baby and are exposed to different languages, it’s easier to learn and become fluent in them as the baby’s mind is much easier to learn and remember the words. I would like to say they are easily manipulated but that seems a bit odd haha. I’m sure you understand what I mean! Perhaps I can teach Spanish to my grandson while he is still young!

This is one of many languages I want to learn (and is part of my 60s challenge list), and I am enjoying the ease of learning at home. It’s an easier environment for me to learn in – no distractions and it’s quiet.

Once I have finished the Spanish lessons, I will move on to another language – but not too sure yet what will be. For now – buenas dias / buenos noches – wherever you are!

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