In my travels, I’ve experienced many different transit systems. The high speed trains in China, and also the Tuk Tuks in China- two very different systems yet both exhilarating to use

I’ve been in Europe where the most efficient transit systems in the world exist. Every city or even small town I was in had excellent transit services. It was very rare for a bus or train to be late.

Even in Chile, while the city busses may be a bit outdated, they were always on time when I needed them. The overnight busses were fantastic.

And then we come to North America. Some of the worst transit systems I’ve ever used. Specifically where I live now in the greater Vancouver area. Not just late busses, but busses that just don’t show up at all. And no driver can explain it. How does a bus disappear? Is there a secret hiding spot they go? It’s frustrating which is why I’m searching for jobs within walking distance. It’s the most reliable transit system!

How is the transit system where you live?

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