Full circle

Back in 2005, I graduated from culinary school and decided to take some time away from being a legal assistant to try my hand in the culinary field.

I started working at this amazing deli that specialized in everything Italian. I also worked part time at East Side Mario’s, a restaurant in St. Jacob’s as the omelet lady during brunch, as well as a bar at the coat check. I really enjoyed the deli but I stretched myself too thin that I was exhausted working so many jobs. After a year, I went back into a law office.

I started a catering business after I moved to Calgary and knew that food was my passion.

Of course, my life since Calgary has taken many different routes, including teaching overseas. While teaching is something I want to do again, I need money to travel.

And so my life has come full circle. I start a new job next week at this lovely market/deli down the street from me. It has an amazing selection of so many things, I can’t wait to get started. And a lot of the staff are mature like me. I already feel like this is going to be a great experience.

My life has not been easy but I always hold on to positive thoughts and finally it seems to be paying off.

So here’s to a great day!

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