Star struck

So this morning at the store, I was star struck ! I was serving this very nice lady and her voice sounded so familiar. I tried not to stare but was trying to figure out who she was. Finally I asked – do I know? You seem so familiar to me. She gave a little laugh and said well I am an actress so maybe that’s why I am familiar? So I continued to stare and she said – Sammi from Days of our lives?? Yes that’s right – I was serving Allison Sweeney! As soon as she said that I recognized her. Of course I had to tell her I knew her from the Biggest Loser! I was so excited and perhaps talked a bit too much but she was so sweet and tolerated me and my questions.

It was so surreal experience and only the second time I’ve met a celebrity face to face and spoke to. I did literally bump into a former prime Minister of Canada but only said excuse me.

Have you ever been star struck?

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