Our time is Tik Toking away

I do not use Tik Tok. I don’t understand the fascination of it. But a lot of people waste their days away scrolling aimlessly through the app.

I remember the days with no internet, no cell phones, no wifi. I miss those days. Not having a device that’s attached to us like magnet. Going out without being constantly available to everyone by a simple click. Three are some days I just want them gone.

Can you imagine the delight on people’s faces when you walk by, look at them and say hello. No one looking down, focused on that magnet in their hand.

I’d love a few days where all the wifi connections are turned off in the world. The internet goes on strike. The only way to communicate is with our mouths. An impossible dream I know but it is still a dream.

Would you be able to go an entire weekend without the internet? How hard would it be to do?

I’d love to see more faces!

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