25 bathrooms – why?

I am now on my two week “retreat” – my daughter and grandson have gone to her father’s for Christmas and I am enjoying some much deserved quiet and alone time!

I have spent the first couple of days doing some major cleaning of our place, and watching some random videos on YouTube.

I love watching the travel videos of all sorts, and I came across a new one for me today – Top Fives. In the one episode I watched today, Top 15 Insane Celebrity Homes, they were showing us some pretty insane homes.

One home had 25 bathrooms – why??? Another had 9 fireplaces (and was in California – why do you need that many fireplaces in California?). And one had a 15 car garage AND a trampoline room! Okay – that last one sounds pretty cool. Who wouldn’t want a trampoline room? These houses were huge – one was over 35,000 square feet.

As I was watching in awe and shock at these houses, I couldn’t help but think – why does anyone need a house that big? Why do you need a house with 25 bathrooms? or 9 fireplaces? It boggles my mind that people will spend that much money for such opulence when it seems there are only a few people living in these houses.

I know that a lot of the celebrities that they were showing are great philanthropists who have created charities or give a lot to charities – it’s not that I think they should give money away. My mind kept thinking – why do you need to have so much space for so much stuff?

If I had that kind of money, I’d be traveling the world. Not buying a huge house that I could not possibly live in and use every room.

Seriously – does the celebrity with the 25 bathroom house even use all those bathrooms? That house confused me so much.

Would you want a house that big with that many rooms?

3 thoughts on “25 bathrooms – why?

  1. sharonsiconictravelphotographyblog

    …and many times these people own multiple houses in several states. In the Adirondack Mountains of New York there are multi-million dollar houses on some of the lakes that are not primary residences of the owners. Not getting the 25 bathrooms. I am guessing they either expect to have a lot of guests or it is a status thing. I hope they have maids. Cleaning a house that big would be a big job.

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