I remember…

When I was growing up, I remember going to the library, looking up a book on the card system and finding a book that way.

I remember getting bus schedules on the bus, which was the only way to know when the bus would come.

I remember doing homework with books in front of me, and a pen and paper.

I remember having only maybe 12 channels on the TV to pick from. Maybe that’s why I was able to memorize the TV Guide and know when all the shows came on!

I remember having my boombox ready to tape my favourite songs on my tape recorder.

I remember calling my friends on the house phone and then going and knocking on their door to hang out with them.

I remember riding my bike everywhere.

I remember walking to high school, and meeting up with whatever friends had arrived at the lockers before me.

I remember wearing a watch to know what time it was.

Life was so much easier back then. Do you think we could all survive if the internet worldwide was shut down for 24 hours?

I think I’d read a book, or perhaps bake, finding a recipe from one of my recipe books that I have. Maybe I’d go for a walk outside.

What would you do?

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