Never Give Up

I’m sitting here watching a review of 2022 on TV and, first of all, am unimpressed with the fawning (for lack of a better word) of the celebrity news. I realize it’s a good way to escape the sadness of 2022, but there are so many things that have happened this past year that warrants more coverage over the celebrity news.

But part of the focus on the review were the mass killings in the US – Uvalde, the supermarket shooting in Buffalo – horrible news and horrible, unnecessary deaths. Gun laws need to be enforced in America – no other country in the world has the amount of mass killings as they do. Do better America – look at other countries in the world and do better.

The part that really made me stop and listen was the story of Ukraine. A senseless war started by Russia for what reason? I still don’t understand why they invaded Russia. But the interviews with the people of Ukraine had all of them saying – we will never give up. It’s definitely the theme for 2022.

Never Give Up – on the fight for Ukraine. Never Give Up – on Covid and vaccinations. Never Give Up – on looking for peace in the States. Never Give Up – on ourselves. We all have it in us to help make the world a better place, a kinder place, a peaceful place.

I’m not naive – I know there will never be a completely peaceful world. But we can bring peace to those around us. Let’s strive to make 2023 a better place.

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