Thought for the day

My two weeks of alone time are almost done. It’s been a lovely, quiet, relaxing two weeks. But I’ve missed my grandson – him bringing books to me to read to him, his climbing up on the couch so he can cuddle with me or give me a hug, his laugh. I can’t wait to see him on Friday night!

But I’ve also realized that I love my time by myself. Even just to sit on the couch with a book or magazine with nothing on in the background. Completely quiet, and peaceful. It’s good for my mind.

Several ideas have come to me during these two weeks of what I’d like to do in the new year, both work wise and travel wise. I keep postponing travel due to me watching my grandson, and money, and time. But in 2023, it’s time for me to get myself back in action and get out there. If the universe allows me, I will be back to traveling by the end of next year, hopefully on a full time basis. Time will tell.

My thought for the day is – plan your dreams and goals and make them happen. It’s my motto for 2023. What’s your’s?

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