Top 5 – Canada

I’ve travelled across Canada twice now since 2011, and both times I found something new and exciting to see. The Trans-Canada Highway is a fantastic way to get across Canada and there are many stops you can take along the way.

My Top 5 recommendations for travelling in Canada:

  1. Banff/Lake Louise

You can’t travel to Alberta and not stop to see the most beautiful place on earth – Lake Louise. It is a short drive from Calgary and well worth the time to go and see the magnificent lake and the view. From there, head to Banff. There are amazing restaurants to go to, fun little local shops to meander into, and of course the gondola ride up to the top of the mountain for even more amazing views. The Rockies do not disappoint for stunning pictures and beautiful landscapes.

  • Vermillion Bay, Northern Ontario

Vermillion Bay is approximately 30 minutes west of Dresden, on the Trans-Canada Highway. There aren’t any real tourist stops there, but it’s important to take a side trip off the highway to the lake. The sunrise on a summer morning by the lake is miraculous, stunning, breathtaking. Words and pictures cannot really describe the beauty of this area in Canada. Take a moment, put away your phone, sit down on the dock, and take it all in. Don’t rush to leave, just let yourself watch the sun come up and produce beautiful colours on the lake. You will not be disappointed.

  • Gaspe Peninsula

As a child, I spent most summers going to the city of Gaspe as both sets of grandparents lived there and we would visit them once a year. As a child, it was boring as there was not a lot to do, or so we thought.

As an adult, I went to visit my grandmother. What a difference it makes going as an adult. The beautiful nature, the city itself had grown from when I’d last been, and we headed to Perce for a day, which was a beautiful place to see after many years. It’s a place to get back to nature in. Hiking, skiing in the winter, snowmobiling, any outdoor activity can be done in this area. There are also historical sights to see in the area. Definitely a place to see on the east coast of this beautiful country.

  • Victoria, British Columbia

The island is my favourite place in all of BC. I’ve only been twice but both times were amazing.

The first time took me to Sidney. It’s a small town but with a number of lovely little stores, quaint cafes, delicious fish and chips, and lots of places to walk around and see the ocean. I spent a lovely day there and it just made me want to get back to see more.

The second time I took three days to go to Victoria at Christmas time. It was magnificent! The parliament buildings lit up at night were stunning. The people were friendly, the restaurants were plentiful, and the atmosphere was very relaxed. There are lots of hotels in the centre, as well as Airbnbs. There are boat tours you can take, city tours, and so many historical places to visit. It’s definitely worth the trip across on the ferry to visit Victoria.

  • Algonquin Park, Ontario

Algonquin Park is a must-see place to go in the autumn. It is alive with colours, wildlife is abundant, the air is crisp, and it is stunning.

It is a couple of hours north of Toronto, and you can find lovely hotels along the way to stay in. Quaint cafes await you. The colours are enough to make your trip up north worthwhile.

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