Decisions, decisions…

I am planning an extended holiday for 2023 and as I try to decide how to get to my destination, many factors are coming to mind. Do I fly direct and pay more, or do I get a deal, fly to a city that is distant from my destination, requiring me to either take a bus or train (or combination of both), making stops along the way?

I love taking the train in Europe. It’s scenic, comfortable, you can get up and comfortably walk around to stretch your legs. You have lots of legroom at the seat. It’s usually either cool or warm, depending on the time of year. I took the train numerous times and always enjoyed myself.

I also took the bus (Student Agency) many times around Europe, including to Paris and London. The Student Agency bus was comfortable, but not as flexible with getting up and moving around. It’s a good bus to take on a 2 or 3 hour trip, but my trip to Paris was quite nice because I had two seats to myself and was able to stretch out. But do I want to take a bus for over 2 days?

The decision is all about cost and comfort. The bus is cheaper, the train is more comfortable, but I could also fly. Flying is okay but I would miss seeing the beautiful countryside and have the possibility of stopping in places I’ve not been before. And I’m not in such a rush that I need to get there quickly.

I have a few months to make a decision but it’s becoming stressful doing all the research!

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