Fort Langley, BC

Fort Langley is one of my favourite places to go to that is close to me. Even when it’s dreary out, I like to go. It’s a quaint little village with a lot of great places to eat, and unique stores to wander through.

I happened to go there the other night, looking to finally go to the bookstore and cafe that I enjoy wandering through. Every time I go, it’s quite busy and there aren’t usually any seats available (there are only 6 or 7 tables), but I lucked out that there were a few tables free and I decided to have my dinner there.

I ordered a mocha, the blackened wild salmon burger, and the carrot cake to finish the meal.

The mocha was lovely and hot, sweet but not too sweet, and just enough coffee to give me a lift.

The blackened wild salmon burger was chosen on impulse. I really wanted salmon and it was the one that popped out to me. The bun was lovely and soft, the salmon was cooked perfectly and it was topped with avocado and greens and a touch of mayo. Utterly delicious! I was very pleased with my choice.

The carrot cake was divine. It was a huge slice – it could have been a meal on it’s own – but I ate all of it. It was moist, nutty with a lovely cream cheese icing. It was the perfect end to my meal.

If you are ever in the Vancouver area, head out to Fort Langley and go to Wendel’s Book Shop and Cafe. You will not be disappointed!

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