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I'm a 50+ lady traveling the world, teaching English, trying new foods, and experiencing everything this world can give me!

Cell phone free days

I remember a time not so long ago where I could get ready for my day and head out the door without worrying about my cell phone being charged. It was a time of freedom from constant contact with people.

We didn’t have to worry about being in touch with everyone at a moments glance. If there was an emergency well you dealt with it without a phone. I personally think life was a lot easier then.

Of course I’m on my phone as I write this blog. Sort of hypocritical of me, but it’s something that I see every day. People looking down on their phones, texting, searching for something, making calls. I just don’t think its necessary to have personal phone calls in a public place. Or business calls. Our world has become one of no faxes, just seeing the tops of heads.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if there were cell phone free areas? A bus, or subway. A grocery store. Or maybe one day a month where all internet around the world is unavailable. Now that would be great! One day we could all just turn our phones off and spend it doing whatever you want without the distraction of our phones.

What do you think? Could you survive one day without your phone?

Thought for the day

Do you watch the news every day? I haven’t watched much in the past couple of months, and honestly I just find it depressing. Politicians and newscasters arguing, war in Ukraine, and general unrest everywhere. I am tired of it all and just want to hear some good news. Will that happen? Not likely.

It’s raining here and that is making me a bit depressed. I’d rather be working on a rainy day than listening to depressing things. Oh well – tomorrow is another day! I will meditate and put myself in a better mood!

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Market Musings

I started my new job a couple of weeks ago in a local market and deli and I’m already in serious like with this place. It has unique offerings, delicious salads, amazing pastries and such a lovely group of people to work with.

I knew I’d eventually find a place that I would fit in with and I am so grateful that they have accepted me as one of their “family”.

The customers so far have been very patient and kind. There are a lot of regulars and some have already grown accustomed to seeing me there. It’s nice to see so many happy people coming in and saying hello.

Such a big difference from that last place I was at. I’m in a new home with a new job only 7 minutes away walking- I feel blessed once again.


It has taken me three weeks but I have finally finished the book Vagabonding by Rolf Potts. Truly an inspirational book for anyone who has the dream to travel for a lengthy period of time.

So much of this book resonated with me, but the very last chapter could have been me writing it. Everything Potts said about returning home after a lengthy travel experience rang true to my ears.

“And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” A quote from T.S. Eliot’s “Little Gilding”

This quote was exactly how I felt when I returned to Canada after three years of living abroad. I felt like I didn’t fit in and needed to resort to my old self in order to fit back in. I didn’t like it at first but I came to realize that the patience I learned while traveling helped me readjust to life in Canada.

I still love talking about my travels but I also know how to read my audience to who would actually be interested.

This book is one that will come with me wherever I go. Lots of handy resources and profiles of fellow vagabonders will keep me on my path.

Things to do in the rain

I should be used to the rain living here on the west coast but it just drains me of any energy I may have. I find it very depressing and honestly don’t know how the people who have lived here a long time can actually say it’s great to live here. High gas prices, expensive groceries and the rain – ugh. I’m ready to move!

But since that is not an option at the moment, I’m trying to make the most out of each day, and since it rains every single day, I have to be creative with what I do!

  1. Go puddle stomping! Of course, I have a grandson who LOVES puddle stomping, so this is a great activity for me to do with him. However, just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can put on some rain boots, grab a friend or go alone, and stomp those puddles! It makes for a fun walk and you get exercise too!
  2. Cuddle up in a blanket, grab a cup of tea or coffee, and read that book you’ve been wanting to read. Or perhaps just lay down and have a nap. It’s okay to nap – sometimes our bodies just need that to reenergize!
  3. Watch a movie on Netflix (or other streaming channels).
  4. Go for a drive. It’s fun to take drives and even when it’s raining, you can go for a drive and hit up a new coffee shop you’ve been wanting to try. Or go out for lunch.
  5. For those who don’t have a car, hop on a bus, get a transfer, and see where it takes you. You are safe and warm and dry in a bus, you don’t have to worry about driving in the rain and you can explore your city! With the benefit of the transfer, you can get on and off the bus for at least a couple of hours.
  6. For those sports enthusiasts, go to a driving range. Lots of them are covered now, and you can get some fresh air and exercise and still stay dry!
  7. Another sports suggestion – go bowling! It’s always fun to go and bowl!
  8. How about going to the public library? It’s free, quiet, and once again indoors!
  9. Blog!

There are lots of things to do on a rainy day – why not pick one to do, and enjoy the day. That’s what I intend to do!

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