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National Scavenger Hunt Day

Today is National Scavenger Hunt Day!

Have you ever gone on a scavenger hunt? I remember one company I worked with had a “picture” scavenger hunt – obviously cellphone days – during our lunch break you had to go around downtown Toronto and take a picture of the thing you were looking for. I believe there were 5 things on the list (to make it doable during a lunch hour) – there were quite a few staff members who participated and it turned out to be a lot of fun!

I have read different articles in the places I’ve lived that have day scavenger hunts, either walking around the city, or driving. There are so many ways to do a scavenger hunt these days – I’d love to organize one!

Any memories of a scavenger hunt in your life?

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is a quiet mother’s day – my daughter has gone to work – she works in the restaurant business and has a sprained ankle – she wasn’t too happy about having to be on her feet all day with injured but she needs to work. It’s about a million degrees outside today so my grandson and I are tucked away in our nice cool basement apartment! Sometimes it’s okay to have few windows to let the sunshine in!

I hope all the mothers and mother figures are enjoying their day today.


For many of you, you know I love Prague. I lived there for two years and it was definitely the best two years of my life. When I left in June 2016, I thought I’d be gone for maybe a year and a half and then be back for a visit before I headed off teaching again.

That didn’t happen, obviously, and I have been yearning to get back there to see my favourite places and my friends! Up until about three weeks ago, I was still trying to figure out how and when I’d get there. Until I signed up for something!

After doing an assessment which took over 3 hours, and then a test which should not have taken me as long as it did, I am now a Trip Leader with I have already planned my first leading trip to… PRAGUE! Of course – then I can go there and show people why I love it so much!

I am attaching the link to my planned trip, and if you are interested in more information, or know someone who may want to go on a trip there, please let me know!

Did you know..

Of course everyone knows that today is National Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you – such a lame joke haha), but did you know what else is today?

Today is National Orange Juice Day – so be sure to get a glass full of vitamin C!

Today is also National Bird Day – so take a moment today, and look at all the beautiful birds flying around us!

But most importantly, today is International Firefighter’s Day. They are essential to our safety and we should all take a moment today and thank all the firefighters out there who work so hard to keep us safe!