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Tales of a grocery store clerk

With the crazy weekend I had with my daughter, work was put aside for two shifts and time was focused on their well-being. However, I did make it back yesterday for a closing shift, and they are now officially training me to be put into another position! I find this exciting but a tad bit scary as this position has me dealing with money, the counting of the tills essentially at the end of the day.

I’m not sure what will be more confusing for me – learning the counting of the tills and all that entails, or learning the lottery machine. I now understand why, when there is a big lottery draw coming up, why the lines are so long and the time that it takes to get the tickets. It’s not simply pressing a button and the ticket prints out. It is much more complicated and time consuming than that, and if there is a big lottery, the system slows down because of the sales happening. I know I can do it, but it will take lots of practicing to fully understand how to do that part.

I am excited that I’ll be able to interact more with customers, and be able to move around and not just stand still in one place for hours. That’s the worst part about being a cashier -some days the time goes quickly because it’s busy, but you are literally standing in one spot for hours.

So that is my exciting week that I have had – learning new skills and getting more responsibilities at my job. Never a bad thing!!!

Till next week….

Daily Thought – February 28

Here it is, the end of February already. And what an end to the month!

My daughter and my grandson were kicked out of the house after her ex-boyfriend went on a drunken rage, and they have been with me since Thursday night. They are heading to her father’s for a long overdue visit this afternoon and hopefully a rest for my daughter.

I have seen my daughter, in the matter of two days, become a strong woman and an amazing mother. She has made sure to take care of her son, and also take care of herself and what happens next. I am so proud of her, and so tired for her too. She has had so much turmoil in her short life – I just want her to have some peace and harmony in her life. And I know with so many friends and her family by her side, she will overcome anything that comes her way.

Life is so short – we need to make sure we take care of ourselves and each other. And to tell our loved ones that we love them, as often as we can.

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Open Your Mind

I joined Weight Watchers a few years back and did okay, but got back into my old habits of eating junk food. But when I was with them, they would give us weekly sheets that included a WW recipe on one side, and a wellness article on the other. I found this the other day when cleaning out a folder and wanted to share it:

Open Your Mind

On your journey, mindset matters. When you have a growth mindset, you’re read to embrace opportunities and face setbacks without self-criticism. You believe things and people can change.

When you have a fixed mindset, you believe that situations, people or habits can’t change. You tend to blame yourself for setbacks and to downplay your progress rather than celebrate or take ownership of it.

A growth mindset will help you tackle challenges and keep making progress. The good news: You can move from a fixed to a growth mindset.

Shift your mindset

Remember, your thoughts affect your actions. Here’s how to shift them to be more helpful:

  1. Learn to identify a fixed mindset. If a setback or challenge triggers a relation like “I can’t” or “I’m bad at this” – that’s fixed.
  2. Talk to it in a growth mindset voice. Remind yourself of challenges you’ve overcome in the past and what you learned. How can you apply those lessons to this situation? How can you approach this new challenge?
  3. Keep practicing. The more often you talk back to your fixed mindset, the more natural a growth mindset will become.

While this applied to the weight loss journey I was on at the time, it resonates to every day life as well. I’m happy to say that I have switched my mindset to a growth mindset. I still struggle with the weight issue, but that is just one small part of my journey in life.

Tales of a grocery store clerk

The past week has been unusually quiet at the store – we have our moments of busyness but for the most part, unless there is a snowstorm happening, the store has been quiet.

What is that phenomenon anyway? Why do people – including old people! – feel the need to rush to the store in a snowstorm to get hundreds of dollars of groceries? Do they not listen to the weather forecast and think the night before to go get them? I do not understand that at all!

Yesterday was an interesting day though. I had an afternoon shift and when I came in, it was quiet, even among the cashiers. We usually chat when it’s not too busy, but they weren’t. It turned out that the head office was visiting and we were all on our best behaviour! Cleaning, facing products, making sure everything was extra sanitized! (seriously, my hands are falling apart from the amount of sanitizer used every day at work) I presume we did well with the inspection because no one came up to us to tell us to fix anything.

Hopefully today will be a bit busier so that the shift goes faster. I like being steady busy, and I enjoy chatting with the customers.

Till next week…. be safe!

Throw out the old, bring in the new

Boots that is.

My cherished boots, that took me through China and Chile, and through 3 Canadian winters, have finally come to the end of their time. I’m sad to see them go, because they were such good, well constructed boots!

But, the wear and tear of all my walking has taken its toll and my boots could only stand so much. They have done well but they couldn’t last forever!

So rather than endure the remainder of the winter with a wet foot, I succumbed and purchased a pair of new boots online. This was done with much trepidation – I have large wide feet and usually need to try on a bunch of footwear before I know which ones i want. But I took a leap of faith, and went ahead and got these ones.

They are okay – they will do for this winter at least. They are warm inside and comfortable enough. But I still want my old boots 😦 I refuse to throw them out yet though! I don’t hoard, but when it’s something that has taken me so far, it’s hard to give them up. I will eventually throw them out – when I’m ready to!

So bring on more snow – my feet are ready!!

maybe not this much snow….