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I'm a 50+ lady traveling the world, teaching English, trying new foods, and experiencing everything this world can give me!

Dinner and a show

I’m in Vancouver for the evening, enjoying dinner out on my own and then to see a play – Come From Away. It’s received amazing reviews and I’m excited to be going to the theatre.

I’m enjoying my alone time and time to think of my next move. I have an opportunity to head to the east coast, but also positions are opening up here. So it’s a dilemma but a good dilemma.

In the meantime, it’s time to relax, enjoy my wine and my dinner and anticipate seeing the play.

Star struck

So this morning at the store, I was star struck ! I was serving this very nice lady and her voice sounded so familiar. I tried not to stare but was trying to figure out who she was. Finally I asked – do I know? You seem so familiar to me. She gave a little laugh and said well I am an actress so maybe that’s why I am familiar? So I continued to stare and she said – Sammi from Days of our lives?? Yes that’s right – I was serving Allison Sweeney! As soon as she said that I recognized her. Of course I had to tell her I knew her from the Biggest Loser! I was so excited and perhaps talked a bit too much but she was so sweet and tolerated me and my questions.

It was so surreal experience and only the second time I’ve met a celebrity face to face and spoke to. I did literally bump into a former prime Minister of Canada but only said excuse me.

Have you ever been star struck?


Do you have favourite summer memories of your childhood? Most of mine are from camping every summer with the same group of people – the 70s were such a great time to be a kid.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working my butt off and now taking care of my grandson while my daughter is away at a music festival. I hope he remembers all the fun we’ve had together even though he is only 2. I want him to grow up with fun memories of our time together.

(Just to be clear – nothing is wrong with me – it sounds like it from that last paragraph! )


Binging is exhausting. Binging TV shows that is!

I have spent the last two weeks binge watching Stranger Things and it was absolutely worth the time I spent.

I’ve binge watched The Crown, Sons of Anarchy, Modern Family, New Girl and Friends – although I’ve watched the full series of Friends at least 10 times. Stranger Things has taken over The Crown as my favourite show. I have a very eclectic range of shows!

Have you ever binge watched a series? I’d love to hear what you’ve watched.