Writer’s block – it’s a real thing!

I took a hiatus over the last month or so from blogging – life got in the way as it sometimes does. But my favourite season is upon us and I am anxious to get back in here and start writing again.

Funny how we can miss doing something so simple as writing. Some people I am sure will think that blogging and writing aren’t always simple and it’s true. My mind was blank every time I sat down this past month or so to try and write – I needed a jolt to get me going again. Writing about my travels always interests me but sometimes I need to expand my thinking.

I am happy to say that I have now had two articles published – one in a National magazine and one in a local paper – and my goal is to have another article published by the end of this year.

2020 will have me travelling once again and so my writing will come back to focus on that. In the meantime, I will start blogging about anything that comes to mind and hope that I can reach more people with my blog.

I hope everyone’s summer was a good one! I look forward to reading and writing in here once again.

Getting motivated

I love blogging but I really seem to be lacking motivation this summer to blog. I think it’s partly due to the humidity and how hot the room is where my laptop is, and that I seem to be tired all the time! Old age perhaps? I don’t like to think of myself as old but I am creeping up into the mid 50s so perhaps that is the reason!

I have been struggling to get my mind back on to blogging, trying to think of things to write about. I have lots on my mind, but for some reason I just can’t seem to get those ideas down in writing.

I have managed to write another article that will soon be published in a local paper, which is exciting. It was so much fun writing the article, and that is why I’m back today.

How do I make my blogging a priority when I work full time and am always tired? I suppose I just need to schedule time to brainstorm, and just write. Write whatever comes to my mind.

I will conquer this – I know I will – I just need to drink more coffee and sit down at my computer (and not play computer games… lol).

I hope everyone is well in blogging world!!

Celebrating milestones

My parents will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on July 25. Definitely a huge milestone – how many people these days can you say have been married for that long? Not too many. It’s very impressive that two people can be together that long.

I am very lucky to still have both of my parents, and I am very aware of that. People my age (mid-50s) are not normally so lucky to have the privilege of having both parents still around. I also live with them, and I enjoy asking questions of them of what they remember from all those years. Where were they when JFK was shot? Do they remember the landing of Apollo 11? The biggest stories of their times, and also my generation.

I enjoy hearing their stories of where they were, what they were doing, and the mindset of the people at that time.

This week all around the world we celebrate the moon landing of 1969. I asked my parents what they were doing when it happened, and it turns out we as a family were visiting my grandparents in Gaspe, Quebec. They watched it on TV, and I found out that a few of my relatives never believed that they actually landed on the moon. They believe it had been fabricated for TV. I realize that a lot of people at that time never believed it – which I find fascinating. I learned about it at school and I know that it did happen.

I am very appreciate that I get to celebrate this milestone with my family this week.

Age is just a number

Today I went to a birthday party for an old neighbour – she turns 90 years old in a few days and her kids and grandchildren had a surprise party for her. It was a very lovely afternoon and I saw such a lovely combination of people there to celebrate this lovely lady’s big milestone of turning 90 years old.

It seems like such a big number – 90 years old. But when I saw this lady walking in, using a walker and then abandoning it to use her cane to go and visit her friends who had come to celebrate, I was amazed at how much vim and vigor she had in her steps and seemed excited to see all her friends and family come to share this special time.

In the back of my mind, I kept picturing myself at her age. Will I have that same lively step? Will I have that many friends to come out and celebrate with me? Will I even make it to 90? And yes, of course, that is a real possibility and I am aware of that. And that’s okay.

I will be turning 55 in 2020. I never think about my age, but as I approach the “senior” ages – which includes the bonus of senior discounts! – I am becoming more aware of my age. I have decided that there is so much to do still in my life that I am going to ignore the numbers, make sure I’m in good shape and make the most out of this life. And I have every intention of being somewhere exciting for my 55th!

Age really is just a number, and if you don’t dwell on it too much, you can do anything you want no matter your age. Traveling and working while I travel is on my mind. Sitting on a beach somewhere warm in the winter months, with a laptop with me, is definitely on my mind. I can work and travel. Lots of people do that and I am ready to do this!

Does age bother you? Or is it just a number? Have you accomplished what you wanted to for the age you are at?


I love travelling, and wherever I am, I always try to get at least one picture of the sunset. This is my favourite time of the day – and there is nothing more beautiful to me than a spectacular sunset that takes my breath away. Enjoy!

La Serena, Chile
Welland Ontario Canada
Lake District, Italy
Vienna, Austria
Atacama Desert, Chile
Changchun, China
San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
Arica, Chile
Seville, Spain

Travel memories

Back in January, I went on a holiday with Trafalgar Tours to Spain, Morocco and Portugal. I was looking at my pictures I took the other day and realized I had never blogged about my trip!

Madrid airport

My trip began in Madrid. What a beautiful city! I was told that Spain in January can be cool and rainy – well I lucked out. All but one day was sunny and beautiful! Madrid is a city full of history and amazing architecture. And the food! It was all so delicious – and I even tried olives and liked some!

Beautiful morning in Madrid

Segovia was one of the stops on the tour. Absolutely stunning. The scenery took my breath away.

The aqueducts of Segovia

We headed south towards the Mediterranean and ended in Costa del Sol – Torremolinos. The sea, the beaches – this was paradise. If only we could have stayed another night.

This view

From Costa del Sol, we got on to the ferry and headed into Morocco. Morocco touched an array of senses – the smells, the noisiness of the medinas, the sights to see. It was something special to see!

The Medina

Morocco was amazing to see, but I was missing Spain and was excited to be heading back, on to Seville. The flamenco dancers! The food! The wine! I loved Seville – of all the places we visited, Seville was my favourite. It reminded me, in ways, of Prague. I would love to go back to Seville!

From Seville, we headed to Lisbon. Portugal is another beautiful country – I have yet to see a country in Europe that is NOT beautiful!

Our trip ended up back in Madrid. I saw so many things, and tried many new foods, and met some amazing people. It was definitely a trip I will remember forever. Trafalgar Tours once again did a stupendous job. I cannot recommend this company enough.