Thought for the day

I’ve had a rough time lately with family and while the result has been extremely tough on my mind, I know it’s what was meant to be. I have done the best I could and I need to remind myself of that every day.


Steveston is a small fishing village just south of the Vancouver Airport, in the Richmond area. I took the day yesterday to visit. Such a quaint yet vibrant community with a lot of history.

I took some time to see the Brittania Shipyard site, lots of history and information to take in. Spent about an hour and a half wandering through the buildings.

I couldn’t go here and not take advantage of having fresh fish and chips! Definitely recommend this place!

I ended my afternoon walking through Garry Point Park. I would have liked a sunnier day but still a beautiful park and lovely views!

A day in the mountains

I’ve been wanting to go for a day trip for a while, so I bit the bullet and rented a car for a couple of days. Today was my day trip and the weather definitely cooperated.

On my way home, I encountered the smoke from the forest fires and the skies were dark and the sun was red. But within minutes I was back in the beautiful blue sky.

It was just what I needed!

Quiet quitting

I first read about this new thing “quiet quitting ” about a week ago and found an article about it last night that explains it more.

After reading this, it just sounds like people slacking off while looking for a new job. They feel like they are in a dead end job and just riding it out until something better comes along.

Why must all these new terms come up and make it sound like it’s something new that’s happening?

Really, if I was a manager and someone was doing this, that would be the time to write them up or get rid of them. There are lots of people looking for jobs and I’m sure that position could be easily filled.

And seriously, could we please stop making up these phrases.

Our time is Tik Toking away

I do not use Tik Tok. I don’t understand the fascination of it. But a lot of people waste their days away scrolling aimlessly through the app.

I remember the days with no internet, no cell phones, no wifi. I miss those days. Not having a device that’s attached to us like magnet. Going out without being constantly available to everyone by a simple click. Three are some days I just want them gone.

Can you imagine the delight on people’s faces when you walk by, look at them and say hello. No one looking down, focused on that magnet in their hand.

I’d love a few days where all the wifi connections are turned off in the world. The internet goes on strike. The only way to communicate is with our mouths. An impossible dream I know but it is still a dream.

Would you be able to go an entire weekend without the internet? How hard would it be to do?

I’d love to see more faces!

Blogging v. Journaling

I was talking to a coworker today telling her I was spending tonight housesitting my son’s apartment and she asked what I’d be doing. I told her having quiet time, writing and resting. She was curious about me writing and I told her I was a blogger. She reacted by saying that blogging is just journaling about your day. I didn’t really know what else to say except to me it isn’t the same at all.

I pondered her reaction for the rest of my shift. Is it just journaling? I don’t think so. I journal on occasion, but I like blogging. To me journaling is private, where blogging is sharing with others thoughts, recipes, travel experiences and the like.

What are your thoughts on this? Is there a difference to you?

I will continue to do both despite this woman’s opinion. I enjoy both. I just wish I had more energy lately to commit to daily blogging. I miss that time to myself.


Dinner and a show

I’m in Vancouver for the evening, enjoying dinner out on my own and then to see a play – Come From Away. It’s received amazing reviews and I’m excited to be going to the theatre.

I’m enjoying my alone time and time to think of my next move. I have an opportunity to head to the east coast, but also positions are opening up here. So it’s a dilemma but a good dilemma.

In the meantime, it’s time to relax, enjoy my wine and my dinner and anticipate seeing the play.

Star struck

So this morning at the store, I was star struck ! I was serving this very nice lady and her voice sounded so familiar. I tried not to stare but was trying to figure out who she was. Finally I asked – do I know? You seem so familiar to me. She gave a little laugh and said well I am an actress so maybe that’s why I am familiar? So I continued to stare and she said – Sammi from Days of our lives?? Yes that’s right – I was serving Allison Sweeney! As soon as she said that I recognized her. Of course I had to tell her I knew her from the Biggest Loser! I was so excited and perhaps talked a bit too much but she was so sweet and tolerated me and my questions.

It was so surreal experience and only the second time I’ve met a celebrity face to face and spoke to. I did literally bump into a former prime Minister of Canada but only said excuse me.

Have you ever been star struck?