“Clean plate club”

I just finished reading a post on Facebook about being raised to clean your plate before you leave the table. I was raised that way and to this day I still clean my plate, however I try to take smaller portions now.

Do you believe this should be enforced on small children? This was the discussion on Facebook. Is it better to let the child (I’d say 5 snd over) decide how hungry they are and when they can say they’re done? Do you bribe them with dessert if they do finish, and inadvertently maybe causing an unhealthy issue with food ?

I don’t recall enforcing this on my children, and they were always willing to try new things. They have grown to have very eclectic tastes and are both excellent cooks now.

What do you think? A clean plate or something left over?

Which would you choose?

Christmas is a time for family, memories, and good food. Christmas is also a time for arguments, too much alcohol, and tension.

I’ve had my share of both kinds of Christmas. I have to admit, the most relaxing Christmases I’ve had have either been alone or traveling. This year I’ll be completely alone and I can’t wait.

Two weeks of silence if I want, napping when I’m tired, staying up late to watch whatever I want. No dinner to make, no one to visit. I’m excited! I may even get caught up on sleep!

If you had the choice, would you have a big family Christmas or would you spend it alone perhaps on a beach somewhere, or a mountain cabin, or even just at home?


After starting it five years ago, while in China, and losing it all due to a computer failure, I’ve done it!

The book I’ve been working on is done the writing stage. I realize that there are many more stages to go before it can be published, I am feeling very accomplished at the finishing of the draft.

Leaving my job really has been a blessing in setting my mind free to be able to get this done.

Now on to editing and getting it ready to be published!

Too much

Too much talking…

Too much gossiping…

Too much bullying…

Just too much!

The place I recently worked at was a good place when I started. Things seemed normal, people were friendly, customers were regulars and were quite pleasant to deal with.

Then – something happened. I don’t really understand when or what it was, but all of a sudden, things changed. Or perhaps the norm was hidden until the new people were all comfortable and then the worst came out in the store.

So much talking about matters that were no one’s business. So much gossiping about people who weren’t there who couldn’t defend themselves. So much bullying by so many of the employees, mostly again on the new people. This included me.

Unfortunately for them, I am not one to just stand by and put up with too much. The talking I was getting used to and trying to tune out. The gossiping was a bit much but again I tried hard to tune it out, until it was about friends of mine. Then the bullying started to become more noticeable. The last few weeks, it started on me. I was shocked at the first attempt, appalled that I let it happen a second time, and was downright pissed by the third time. This is not a healthy environment and I did what needed to be done. I quit.

My mental health is far more important than any job that belittles mental health and bullies those who suffer from it.

Is it an ideal time to be quitting a job? Not really but again my mental health needed to be free of this toxic environment.

So I am now free and my mind is feeling better already. I feel like I have ideas to write about again, they seemed to have been stifled by all the crap that I was carrying around inside.

Be good to yourself, especially at this time of year. We all deserved to be treated right.

Christmas – is it too early?

Is it too early to play Christmas songs?

Is it too early to decorate?

Is it too early to do your shopping?

Perhaps I’ve become a bit of a Scrooge over the past few years, but I truly don’t enjoy much about Christmas anymore. I’ve been alone on numerous Christmas days and I really prefer it that way. It’s far too commercial in my opinion. I don’t buy gifts and don’t decorate. If I’m alone what’s the point? Just something else to clean up and put away in a couple of weeks. So to answer my own questions…

I actually enjoy Christmas music. Just don’t play them before December 1st. November is too early!

Again – decorate in December! More than a month of any decorations is too much.

When I did shop for Christmas, I always had it done by the end of October, and wrapped in November. There’s no way I’d step into a mall to shop in December! We all know the date so really there’s not much of an excuse to wait until the last minute. I am all for early Christmas shopping- it just makes sense to me.

So bad humbug from me – but also I hope you all have as stress free as possible next 6 weeks!