The coronavirus, Sylvia Browne’s prediction and my thoughts…

The coronavirus is exhausting – I do not have it but the media coverage of the virus is exhausting.  I understand that we must be informed of the developments – but the constant onslaught of depressing news is just that – depressing.   Let’s keep informed, but let’s only share facts that have been checked.  I am guilty of this – I was sharing stuff early on that I had not fact checked and am now going to only share fact-checked stories.  It’s definitely good to listen to updates but let’s not spend 10 hours a day watching the news!

I am not a follower of psychics as they really aren’t ones to be factual, I did however come across the prediction that Sylvia Browne made:


“In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later, and then disappear completely.”  A quote from the book of Sylvia Browne in 2008

While it would be nice to believe that this will go away as quickly as it came, I don’t believe that part. However, despite this prediction happening at the same time of SARS, this is eerie.   I am somewhat hopeful that this will, in fact, happen but that is just wishful thinking.

As I walking this morning in the beautiful spring weather, I was thinking about the most recent news, being that the air is becoming clearer in China, the canals of Venice are clear enough to see in, and other phenomena that are going on.  Perhaps – and please remember this only me thinking aloud – but perhaps some greater being has looked down on us all, looking at the greediness and the wastefulness that has been happening for years and years by all of us, and they decided to make us clean up our act.  Now this is quite the drastic way of doing this – but it gave me some pause to think – maybe we should look at this virus as a way to become more healthy, less greedy, less wasteful, take better care of ourselves and those around us, and become better, kinder people.   

So let’s hope that Sylvia Browne was right and that this will go away as quickly as it came, let’s clean up our environment, help our neighbours, and become a better world.   We may have to wait a while to do this, but I know we all have it in us and that we can do it.  I will be doing my part – will you?

Dreaming on a gloomy day…

It’s a gloomy day here in Canada, and I have been looking back at some of my favourite places that I’ve travelled to, and some new ones that I will be seeing. It’s always a day to share and here are some pictures and memories of mine!

Big Ben and area – London February 2016
Eiffel Tower – July 2016
Harbin China – February 2017
The Andes in Santiago, Chile August 2017
Atacama Desert – September 2017
The beautiful beaches of Arica, Chile – September 2017
Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, – June 2019
Future trip to Angkor Wat Cambodia – aiming for 2022
Victoria Falls, Zambia Africa – 2021 trip

It’s so lovely to look back at memories made, and to dream of future places to see

Dreams can come true!

2019 was not a great year for many reasons, and I was really looking forward to the start of 2020 in hopes that this year would be better. Well, praying and dreaming and hoping has worked!

My son has moved out to Vancouver BC and is now working at a fantastic job and is advancing in his position quickly. He loves it out there. He’s happy and it was the move he needed. He has dreamed of living there for a long time, so his dream has come true!

My daughter is expecting this year – in August – and I am OVER THE MOON about being a grandma. I honestly never thought she’d want a baby but here we are – a new baby and a new life is on the horizon. I cannot wait to be a Grandma!!

As for me, changes are on the horizon for me as well. Changes that are exciting and also maybe a bit overwhelming, but it’s all good changes. I am excited for this year and all the changes coming!

Never give up on your dreams – with hard work and perseverance, you can make your dreams come true!!

These boots…

These boots were bought in China. I had trouble finding anything my size there because Chinese women apparently don’t have size 10 feet! I was laughed at when I started looking for shoes asking for my size. I broke down and bought a pair of men’s boots for the winter. I must say – these boots are the best boots!!

These boots have seen many places. They were with me while I travelled around China – to Harbin and the Ice Festival, to Shenyang, to Jilin – all trips made in the winter. These boots kept me warm for the cold Northeastern China winters!

These boots came with me to Chile. I walked many many miles in them, wandering through the streets of Santiago, up the coast of Chile, into the desert of the Atacama, and then on my way home to Canada. (Note: it is much easier to wear heavy footwear than to pack them and pay the extra charge for baggage!)

These boots have now weathered through 3 Canadian winters. They are starting to wear out but I have no desire to replace them. They are part of my travels and they will continue to be part of my travels so long as they last. These boots, like my passport, are calling out to me to start exploring again. I can hear them both, and I am answering those calls!

These boots…. are part of me.

What if….

What if we were a little bit more optimistic and a little less pessimistic…

What if we remembered the good points of the day, and forgot the bad….

What if we would be nicer to our fellow human beings, and a little less hateful….

What if we took more time to listen and less time interrupting….

What if we treated this earth as we should, littered less, and recycled more…

What if we took the time today to be more thankful for everything we have…

What if we smiled a little more and frowned a little less…

What if we were all grateful for what we have, instead of being angry at things we can’t change…

The world is at a turning point, and it seems to be becoming angrier every day.  Maybe today, being the last day of the year, we could all just do one nice thing for someone without looking for acknowledgement of that good deed.

Be kind today. The world is an angry place – but we don’t need to be.

Happy New Year.

So long 2019 – on to a better 2020!

2019 started off as a pretty great year – I jetted off to Spain, Morocco and Portugal. I had such a fantastic time and met so many amazing people – I was really looking forward to the whole year being as great as the start of the year of 2019.

Well, it has turned into a very trying year in many ways. My own personal being was okay, but it was a stressful and trying year. I am happy to say that, as the end of the year arrives, it appears to be turning around. 2020 looks like it’s going to be a much better year.

There are so many things to look forward to in my life in the upcoming year and, as I have learned this year, I will take one day at a time and look forward to what each day will bring. I am planning on a prolonged visit to SE Asia – Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand are on the list this coming year. I hope I can make it work out and I am going to try my hardest to make this happen.

I have learned to be even more patient this year, and once again I have discovered just how strong I am, and learning new things about me and my tolerance level.

I did manage to squeeze in a quick trip to Ottawa, a city in Canada that I had never seen before, and I was mesmerized by the beauty of our capital city. I hope to see more of Ottawa one day, and more of this beautiful country I live in. PEI, Northwest Territories, and even Nunavut is appealing to me. It’s on the longer bucket list of mine.

So while the year comes to an end, I look back and think of all the positive things that have happened, and reflect on the trying times, and know that I have become a stronger person because of them.

Time to let 2019 go, and head on to 2020 with my eyes wide open, my head on straight, and my dreams even bigger.