Daily Thought – February 25

I had a very productive conversation with the CMHA division I am doing the walk for and I must say, success is happening! I just have to go to it, and get it done!

I wish you all a happy and successful day!

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Tales of a grocery store clerk

The past week has been unusually quiet at the store – we have our moments of busyness but for the most part, unless there is a snowstorm happening, the store has been quiet.

What is that phenomenon anyway? Why do people – including old people! – feel the need to rush to the store in a snowstorm to get hundreds of dollars of groceries? Do they not listen to the weather forecast and think the night before to go get them? I do not understand that at all!

Yesterday was an interesting day though. I had an afternoon shift and when I came in, it was quiet, even among the cashiers. We usually chat when it’s not too busy, but they weren’t. It turned out that the head office was visiting and we were all on our best behaviour! Cleaning, facing products, making sure everything was extra sanitized! (seriously, my hands are falling apart from the amount of sanitizer used every day at work) I presume we did well with the inspection because no one came up to us to tell us to fix anything.

Hopefully today will be a bit busier so that the shift goes faster. I like being steady busy, and I enjoy chatting with the customers.

Till next week…. be safe!

Throw out the old, bring in the new

Boots that is.

My cherished boots, that took me through China and Chile, and through 3 Canadian winters, have finally come to the end of their time. I’m sad to see them go, because they were such good, well constructed boots!

But, the wear and tear of all my walking has taken its toll and my boots could only stand so much. They have done well but they couldn’t last forever!

So rather than endure the remainder of the winter with a wet foot, I succumbed and purchased a pair of new boots online. This was done with much trepidation – I have large wide feet and usually need to try on a bunch of footwear before I know which ones i want. But I took a leap of faith, and went ahead and got these ones.

They are okay – they will do for this winter at least. They are warm inside and comfortable enough. But I still want my old boots 😦 I refuse to throw them out yet though! I don’t hoard, but when it’s something that has taken me so far, it’s hard to give them up. I will eventually throw them out – when I’m ready to!

So bring on more snow – my feet are ready!!

maybe not this much snow….

What do you say….

When you are confronted by someone you work with who clearly believes all the conspiracy theories out there? Who seems like a nice enough person who is pleasant to be around but then when given the chance, in a one-to-one conversation, spews the most bizarre conspiracies I have ever heard??

This happened to me the other day on my way out of work at the end of my shift. A very nice lady I work with was leaving at the same time and we discovered that we live fairly close to each other, so we decided to walk home together and have a chat. What started out as a lovely walk and conversation turned into the bizarre.

She started the conspiracy talk by asking me if I had been vaccinated yet. My answer was no – not sure where I’d even go and get it at this point but that’s beside the point. She quite emphatically told me NOT to get it – that it’s the way “these people” are trying to kill us. And the vaccine is going to do just that – kill everyone. She then went on about how the governments have no control, and that the world is controlled by some group that is hiding behind the Catholic church. It was all so bizarre I actually stopped listening, but continued to make it seem like I was listening. I was actually a bit frightened at the intensity that she spoke of these things. She truly believed all that she was saying.

If you met this lady at the store, you’d think of her as a nice lady who is always pleasant and doesn’t yell or scream. But hiding behind that pleasant face is something that is, in my eyes, a bit crazy.

I know there are a LOT of people in this world who believe these conspiracy theories and yes some do make a little sense, but most of them don’t. And I don’t really understand why people do believe them. But please don’t push these theories on me and tell me I need to research and look things up because it is true – they are trying to kill us all!

I am pleasant with her still but am keeping my distance. No more walks home with her! Harsh on my part maybe, but I need to feel safe, and that kind of talk does not make me feel safe at all!