Thought for the day



Today is a great day!

I got a job!! I start on Monday and am so excited to be getting back to the world of adults. Is it the job I wanted? Not really, but it’s a job, and they seem quite difficult to get here. So I’m grateful.

And my travel journeys are about to take off too. More on that in a few days.

My mental health has taken its toll on me the past few weeks, and I’ve not wanted to do anything. Things are on the rise, and if I win the lottery tonight, it’ll be even better, haha.

Here’s to things looking up!

Bucket lists

I’ve made many bucket lists over my adult life. The list has changed over the years, but one thing has always remained the same.

My number one item continues to be a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia. I’m watching my favourite YouTubers and the episode I just watched was them on a hot air balloon ride. It has pushed me to figure out my travel plans right now for 2024 to include this.

I cannot wait to soar through the air above the fairy chimneys. Turkey is calling me!

Memories of Childhood

Tonight I’m making shepherd’s pie for dinner – one of my favourite comfort foods of all time. It reminds me of my childhood. It was a favourite of our family and I don’t ever remember there being leftovers!

My mom had a big oval Corningware casserole dish, it was yellowish with some pretty little flowers on it and a glass lid. It was a sturdy casserole dish that many of our favourite homemade meals were made in.

My entire life has favourite memories that are food related. Is it any wonder I’ve struggled with my weight all my life? Shepherd’s pie; macaroni and beef and tomatoes with little pieces of toast on top – we always fought over who would get that last piece of toast (Dad usually won that fight haha); although not a favourite of mine, I do remember meatloaf being cooked in it; many casseroles that my mom made up with leftovers. We may not have had a lot of money growing up, but we always had good, hearty meals to eat.

I can remember the first house we lived in – it was a small bungalow with a nice big kitchen and a big dining room. My mom has always been a good cook and baker so the house always smelt so good. Sitting around our dining room table with lots of delicious food to eat. Homemade bread or rolls. I have many fond memories of my childhood, all invoked today from simply deciding to make a shepherd’s pie for dinner!

You can only pick three

Let’s play a game. Let’s pretend that you have a guardian angel who is willing to pay for an extravagant trip for two people. You can only pick European countries – where would you go and why?

My three picks would be:

Greece – I wanted to go there when I was living in the Czech Republic and never made it. I would love to see the ancient ruins in Athens, try all the food, and go to one of the quieter, less touristy islands and relax on a beach.



This has been on my bucket list since my early 20s. I want to go on the Glacier Express and gaze at the beauty of the Alps as the train goes along. I want to eat Swiss chocolate. I want to wander through Lake Lucerne and breath in the fresh clean air.

Glacier Express, Switzerland


While I have been to Paris but only for 2 short nights, I want to see ALL of France. Eat the food, drink the wine, take the time to really see Paris. Visit Sacre Couer again. Wander through the streets of Montmartre. Visit the Palace of Versailles. See Mont St. Michel. Take a cooking class while in Paris. Visit the vineyards. So much to see.

Mont St. Michel

Where would you go?