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2017 ~ I’m ready!!

2016 is done. I had a fantastic year, and I plan on having another great year. It’s all about attitude.

My travelling will continue ~ heading to Harbin for the ice Festival, then to Beijing in February. After that, who knows where I will go!!

I am wishing everyone a prosperous, joyful and love-filled year. Positive thoughts bring great results. 

So let’s begin the year with positive energy. Cheers to everyone from me and my students. 

Merry Christmas 2016 and a look back on this year

This is my final blog for 2016! I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

This has been an incredible year for me. I started 2016 in Ostrava, Czech Republic with new friends, I traveled to London, Berlin, Paris, back to Canada for 5 weeks and now I’m in China. Every city I went to made me realize that I am just one small person in this world. But I know I can make a difference to some and I am determined to do that!

I am so grateful that I have had such amazing adventures in 2016, and 2017 is going to be just as exciting because I am going to make it as exciting as I can! 

I have made so many friends across this big beautiful world and I cannot wait to meet more amazing people.

I wish everyone a truly happy new year. Here’s to 2017!! Make it as exciting as you can!!