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Picnic weather

Beautiful day here to hang out at the park and enjoy the sun.

Searching for happiness

As I cleaned out my notebooks last night, I came across one that had musings of mine in it, and thought I’d share this with you.

I was answering questions from a book I have, and the one question was “What is your idea of perfect happiness”. My answer back then still holds true today.

Perfect happiness is an anomaly. I don’t believe there is such thing as perfect happiness.

I do believe that there is contentment and happiness. But nothing in life is perfect. That’s what makes it grand – we never know what’s around the corner.

My idea of happiness is doing things I enjoy – whether it’s the most mundane day – I can still enjoy myself and be happy.

Happiness is a mindset. People who have nothing are often happier than those who appear to have everuthing.

So – take a moment today, this Mother’s Day, and find something around you to do that makes you happy, and relish in it. Be happy – no need to strive for perfection.

Sunflowers make me happy! Photo by Susanne Jutzeler on

Ginger – the cure for all!

I wasn’t really ever a fan of ginger, but when I moved to Prague, I was introduced to ginger tea.

That is – ginger boiled for an hour and then leave to steep, and drink the steeped ginger water. They called it tea. And, with my IBS, it turned out to be one of the things that has actually settled my stomach down.

Now when I’m feeling over stressed, or having a bad stomach day, I have lemon ginger tea (actual tea though – not just steeped ginger!) and it seems to work charms for me.

After a day of sorting through baby clothes and toys, in a damp garage, I felt I was in need of some healing tea. And it has worked! My stomach feels better, and I feel better overall, and warm inside!

Drink your ginger – it does wonders!

Photo by Olga Mironova on

Daily Thought – May 2

Sunday should be a day of peace and quiet, for contemplation and thankfulness. After my shift at work today, I have been doing just that. Sitting back, enjoying a coffee, listening to the quietness of my place, and finally taking some time to relax and be calm. Being calm has been something of the past, but today is an enlightening day and one where I feel much calm and peace.

Stressful times are slowly diminishing at the moment, and time for me to take stock of my past and what’s coming in the future. I am looking very forward to the future, in particular the short term future. It’s going to be amazing because I will make it amazing!

Have a peaceful Sunday.

Photo by Pixabay on

Watching sunsets are so peaceful to me.

Walk a Mile for a Smile – Sept 24 to 27 2021

I am so proud to finally be able to tell everyone about my fundraising campaign for 2021.

My daughter and son have both suffered with mental health issues, especially recently, as well as many friends. I wanted to do something this year, especially with the pandemic raging and causing more people mental stress issues, to raise money and awareness of this ongoing problem.

In that regard, I am going to be doing a 4 day walk (along with others coming along with me) from Hamilton Ontario to Niagara Falls Ontario. It’s an 80 km walk that will be done over 4 days in late September. I am so excited for the walk and if anyone is interested in donating towards this great cause, I would be delighted. Even if you are just interested in reading a bit more about it, that’s great too!

Mental Health is an issue that affects so many people every day – and even more so during a pandemic.

Tales of a grocery store clerk

After a bit of a hiatus – Dad’s funeral, computer having to be sent back for repairs – I am back and ready to tell more tales!! I could have done this on my cell phone, but my eyes get very tired and sore looking at the small screen so much.


I have noticed since working at the grocery store that many people pay for their groceries with their credit card. I have never done this and find it distressing, partly because of the bad history I have had with credit cards – I was not financially sound and used credit cards until they were taken from me. To see so many people use them for groceries – and especially the seniors – causes me great concern. Of course, these people most likely have better control with their credit cards than I did. I just never thought that using credit cards for grocery shopping was a good idea.

I have also noticed that many many people have many many cards! Debit cards, credit cards, points cards, business cards, Costco cards – the list goes on and on!! I have maybe 10 different cards, and they are all neatly in my wallet for easy access. There was a lady today who pulled out a fistful of cards just to find her Air Miles card. I nearly had a stroke seeing all those cards – I could not have my purse in such disarray! How many is too many? That’s for another blog, another day!

I have had some lovely people come through in the last few days, and one in particular brightened my day and made me smile the rest of the day at work. He was a sweet old man with a lovely disposition and such a positive attitude. I always tell everyone when I’m done packing their groceries to have a good morning/afternoon/evening – so I said you have a good day today! And he said “I already have, and you have just made it better by being so kind to me today!” Well of course I said thank you and I also assured him that he made my day lovely. He replied with “I always have a good day because I am happy to wake up every single day!” What a lovely thing to wake up and say to yourself.

So tomorrow, when you all wake up, remind yourself that it IS a good day because you are awake and ready to take on the world once more.

Until next week…. (and I am SO happy to be able to type this on a computer once again!)

Seven years ago…

Seven years ago, I landed in Italy for my very first European trip. It was an amazing trip, with my daughter along, and meeting so many people from the States, and Australia – some are still friends! This was the trip that put the travel bug in me that hasn’t left. I loved Italy – in particular Venice – and I will definitely make it back there again. Some pictures from my trip!

May be an image of 1 person
Seven years ago, many pounds lighter, and loving Italy!
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The Amalfi coast – so beautiful!
May be an image of 2 people
My daughter and I in Pompeii
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Venice ❤
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and of course Rome!

“I was always more than a label”

Today has been a day of mixed feelings for me. Stress, excitement, enlightenment and satisfaction. This day has shown me again that not only am I strong but so is my daughter.

Tonight I am sitting in bed, reading The book of Gutsy Women- its a book by Hillary Clinton and her daughter. I have been moved and intrigued by the amazing women they have written about. But by far the most impactful for me has been the passage about Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King Jr.s wife. At the end of the chapter it states,

“Often I an made to sound like an attachment to a vacuum cleaner: the wife Martin, then the widow of Martin, all of which I was proud to be. But I was never just a wife, nor a widow. I was always more than a label.”

What an amazing woman she was, and what a great way to define herself. And I can relate to this – I have lived most of my life as a label but I am so much more than that. And I’m proud of the labels I’ve been but I know I will be more than just that.

Let’s look past people’s labels and see who they really are meant to be seen as. Themselves.

What are you doing?

A good question to ask these days while we are sitting around dealing with stay at home orders with the inability to do much else but dream the days away.

So what have I been doing? Well I am getting very excited and working hard during my downtime from work with organizing my walk for Mental health. It’s still a go for the end of September and very soon I’ll be able to share the link to the website here!

What else have I been doing? Well I have been planning my 2022 travel! If everything goes as scheduled and the world starts opening up, my birthday next year will be in Turkey! My plans to see Turkey in early 2020 were obviously canceled due to the pandemic. But as soon as my vaccinations are complete, air travel will be booked and I will be going!! March to May 2022 will be a European holiday! And I cannot wait!

What has everyone else been doing? Share your pandemic hobbies with us!

In the meantime, keep on dreaming!

The end of March

This has been a dreadful month for me. Stressful about my daughter’s situation, the death of my father, and other things. It just seems like one thing after another

And then this past weekend – the worst way to end this month – my computer died! It’s off to be repaired but my entire life is on there. I am very happy that March is over!

Here’s to a more favorable April! I wish everyone the best month ever – let’s start it off with faith in our fellow man, love for our neighbors and trust in ourselves. I will repeat this mantra – April is the best!❤