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The Meat Chronicles

It has been almost a month since I started working at a local grocery store in their meat department, and it’s been exhausting, overwhelming, and an overall great experience so far!

I was hesitant about taking a job in the meat department, since I never had any experience doing a job like this. But I jumped in with both feet and accepted this new challenge.

I have discovered that I am a lot stronger physically than I thought! And still very patient – dealing with a person who talks to down to everyone training me has been a strain on my patience, but thankfully for the masks, she cannot tell that I am actually cursing her under my breath (haha).

But all in all, I am working in a great department with some great fellow employees. They have been great in helping me learn all the cuts of meat (seriously I had no idea how many different roasts and steaks there are – who knew there were 100 of them – okay so perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration – but there’s so many!). And the company is fantastic – I am anxiously waiting for my first three months are up so I can take advantage of the benefits and finally get myself a new pair of glasses.

My days are looking up!

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Milestone birthdays

My sister celebrated a milestone birthday today – her 60th. Seems crazy to believe that my sister is 60 – it sounds like an old person’s age. This is my 56 year old mind thinking that haha.

Really, 60 isn’t that old but when we were young, didn’t we all think that 60 was old? Our grandparents were that age.

My age honestly doesn’t bother me – I have accomplished so much and have experienced so much at my age that it inspires me to do more! What bothers me are my kid’s ages. My daughter will be turning 30 in less than 2 months- that freaks me out. I remember when I was 30, married with 2 young kids and a mortgage. A mere 26 years later, my kids are on the verge of that age.

Back to the milestone birthdays, do you celebrate the milestone in a happy way, or do you mourn your youth and perhaps missed opportunities? I remember being sad but now it’s just a number. We can’t stop the aging process it’s a part of life, so I embrace getting older, becoming grayer and becoming more sore every day (haha okay maybe not that last thing).

Let’s try to celebrate each new year – we can’t stop it anyway so we might as well!


How do you relax? Do you have a glass of wine in the evening? Perhaps a hot bath with some candles? Or does listening to music help you relax?

On my drive across Canada this summer, I discovered that the best way for me to relax is to listen to music – but not just any music. I have come to thoroughly enjoy and relax to classical and to jazz music. I love to listen to classical music – it resonated with me when I was living in Prague, and when I attended a classic violin concerto, it took my breath away and gave me a new appreciation to classical music.

Today was a fast shift at work, and while I am still training, I was left on my own to figure things out today. While it was daunting and not without a LOT of questions from the butchers, it was exhilarating to be back at work and learning new things and using my brain again! Watching Cocomelon for three months, day in and day out, was not using my brain at all. So glad to be back to work!

But I came home tonight exhausted – mentally and physically. Once I got the little man to bed for the night, I ran myself a hot bath, turned on the classical music station and relaxed. Not only does my body feel better, so does my brain. I need to buy some epsom salts for my baths. And perhaps a scented candle or two. I do love relaxing in a bath.

So I will go back to listening to some more Vivaldi before heading to bed. Have a good night (or Saturday if you are ahead of my time!). Cheers!

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Coffee time

I am sitting in my favourite Cafe enjoying a delicious coffee. For some reason this morning I needed a strong coffee. And what nicer way to do that is to go for a walk and stop in here.

Island Cafe is this cute little Cafe located in an outdoor mall near to my place. It’s in walking distance from my place and the staff here are so friendly and always have a kind word to say. I highly recommend this place if you are in South Surrey!

I am taking advantage of quiet time while I can because I officially am back to work ad of Sunday! I’m excited but also sad – I am going to miss my daily routine with my grandson. I will still have part of the afternoon and bath time with him and of course my days off, but it’s been wonderful having so much quality time with him.

So back to my coffee – have a wonderful day!

Day tripping

I headed out bright and early this morning to the island, to visit Sidney BC. I have never been to the island so I was excited to be on a ferry and to visit somewhere new, even if it was just for the day. Many photos to share – I picked just a few to show the beauty of the west coast of Canada.

One of those days…

Today has been a day of mixed emotions. I feel better now, but earlier it was a rough go.

I woke up feeling stressed and upset – really the only thing that does that to me these days is about money. And money has been on my mind lately – the lack of money. I’ve been down this road before – stressed about money. It’s a recurring theme in my life, and I know that I always make it through the stressful times. And I know I will make it through this one too. But that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to be sad and even a bit depressed.

I was walking back from getting my glasses fixed and the overwhelming feeling of stress and sadness overcame me. I know I’m going to be meeting people again once I’m back to work – hopefully this week. But the sadness overcame me because I really don’t have anyone at the moment to talk to face to face. My kids are here for me but it’s not the same thing. So yes, as I walked, I cried a bit. It felt good to let it out, and then the sun came out and it seemed like it was all I needed – a sunny walk home after having a bit of a cry. I came home to a very smiley happy grandson and that cheered me up too.

So it’s okay if you feel the need to cry when you feel overwhelmed – but remember that there is almost always a good thing about your day, even if it is just waking up and having a coffee.

Have a great day! And let the sun shine into your life.

Daily Thought – September 11

Twenty years ago, at around 9.10am, I was sitting at my desk in Toronto, preparing documents for my boss to take to Court that morning, when one of the lawyers came running down the hall and asking any of us assistants to see if we could pull up CNN as there was something happening in New York City. While we all quickly tried getting on the site, only one of us managed to get it opened. With awe and disbelief, we watched the first tower smoking, after that first plane hit.

In a very short time, a boardroom with a TV was opened for anyone to come in and watch, and as we stood there, a group of assistants and lawyers became silent as we watched the 2nd plane fly directly into the second tower on this fateful September morning. There was an announcement shortly after that, due to us being in the financial district of Toronto and uncertain of what was going on, we could go home early and await the news about work the next day.

As I took the GO train back to Hamilton to my apartment, where I was all by myself, I called my kids to make sure they were okay, and then my parents to let them know I was okay. And then I watched. For hours. CNN was the only channel I watched that day. I watched, horrified and crying, while thinking of those innocent people who lost their lives that morning in such a horrific way.

Today, let’s remember those who fought to save the people in the towers. Let’s remember the families who waited for any news on their loved ones. Let’s remember the amazing people of Newfoundland who took in those strangers on airplanes and let them into their homes and towns, to make them feel a bit safer at such a tumultuous time in their lives. For today, let’s not talk about the pandemic, or politics, and let’s just remember all the lives lost, and saved, that fateful September day.

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