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Daily Thought – June 16

I miss travelling. A lot. I have been scheduled for my second vaccine and I am SO excited to know that I am just that much closer to getting on a plane and going ANYWHERE!!! And yes – as soon as I can – I will be booking a ticket to go anywhere!

Turkey – my next destination!!
Izmir, Turkey

Daily Thought – June 9

It seems impossible that I’ve been here for almost a week! I am loving being out west again, and the air is clean, and the views are incredible. But the most important is that I’m here for my kids.

But now I’m searching for employment, and my initial thought is to work from home, but is that really feasible with a 10 month old around? I’m not really sure, so I’ve succumbed to applying at positions that I have held in the past (including a grocery store!). But I am still open to a position that I can do online from home. I have a hard time trying to think of what I could do at home – preparing documents, or proofreading, or something like that.

So my thought for today is – send me good vibes and help me figure out what I can do! Haha – not really (of course you could do this internally for me!). My thought is – try something new and believe you can do it. When we put ourselves out there, we can succeed. We just need to have a positive attitude that we CAN do it!!

Napoleon Hill Quote: “You can do it if you believe you can.”

Daily Thought – June 5

I have had the most lovely two days here, getting to know my granddaughter (who is the sweetest little girl) and playing with my grandson who has become a little hell on wheels! He’s just turning 10 months old this month and he is up and walking along furniture, and crawls like a madman! It’s so amazing to watch my grandchildren grow up. I am truly grateful to be a part of their lives.

My thought for the day is – cherish the time you spend with your family. There is only so much time to spend, so spend it doing fun things and happy things with them.

Daily Thought- May 27

It’s been a very busy week, exhausting actually. It started with being very busy at work because of our long weekend. Then – exciting news – my new granddaughter arrived very early on Tuesday morning! Sophia Taylor was born May 25 and she is beautiful. Of course, I am the biased grandmother here! But she really is.

On top of everything else, I am packing up and getting ready to move to British Columbia. I leave tomorrow, after a 4 hour shift at work. I am driving out and I am anxious to get on the road and get to my children and grandchildren!!

My thought for today is – move forward, no matter how scary you think it might be. Take risks. Go for it. And remember that no matter what you do, do it for you. If you are doing something just to make others happy and it’s not making you happy, stop doing it. You need to live for you.

Tomorrow, the Rockies and the ocean are calling me – and I am answering that call. And I cannot wait to see them again.

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