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Thought for the day

Do you watch the news every day? I haven’t watched much in the past couple of months, and honestly I just find it depressing. Politicians and newscasters arguing, war in Ukraine, and general unrest everywhere. I am tired of it all and just want to hear some good news. Will that happen? Not likely.

It’s raining here and that is making me a bit depressed. I’d rather be working on a rainy day than listening to depressing things. Oh well – tomorrow is another day! I will meditate and put myself in a better mood!

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Walking paths

My favourite exercise is to walk. I have walked hundreds if not thousands of kilometers in my life. And I am not slowing down!

Today I walked from our favourite park down to the grocery store, about a 20 minute walk. It was down this lovely path and I took my time.

I could walk for hours as long as my feet feel okay. And it’s a great way to get some fresh air!

Thought for the day

Some days you just need to hop on a bus and let it take you to wherever it goes. I did that today. I got a haircut and caught the bus going in a direction I’ve not been before. A few minutes later we were crossing the Fraser River and the beautiful mountains beckoned ahead.

I didn’t get off the bus – it turned around and went back to where I needed to go. It was a nice drive to see new neighborhoods and discover shopping areas where I’d like to go back to.

Sometimes you just need to let someone else drive and take in new sights.